LPMUD driver archive(s)

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LPMUD driver archive(s)

Post by halifax » 19 Apr 2021 20:39

Hello everybody.

I used to play a lot and even started to build a small MUD with friends a loooong time ago (last date of GAME_START log file is Thu Jul 30 12:10:07 2009 ;) )

I was cleaning up my home directory and found a lot of fun stuff, which also made me create a new player here on Genesis and fall back into the mud-addiction tunnel.

Among tons of sources, still to be categorized, I found the dirver and mudlib I was experimenting with in those days. It's a Chalmers edition, CD.04.07, with the base Genesis mudlib which I believe is a modified 2.4.5. It was the last one available at genesis.cs.chalmers.se in 2004 and seems to be the 1st version:

Code: Select all

#define MUDLIB_VERSION ("CD.01.00")
Most recent versioning in a file:

Code: Select all

./obj/more.c:  * Version 2.0 by /Mercade, May 24 1994.
./std/board/board_more.c:  * /Mercade, May 24 1994, Complete revision of this object.
And finally, most recently updated files w/ sizes & md5sums:

Code: Select all

  68569 Jun 23  2004 ./std/object.c
   5023 Jun 26  2004 ./doc/man/efun/debug
   1886 Jun 26  2004 ./doc/help/wizard/gd
  15497 Jun 26  2004 ./std/corpse.c
  13897 Jun 26  2004 ./std/torch.c
  11477 Jun 26  2004 ./secure/queue.c
   9542 Jun 27  2004 ./sys/formulas.h
  43334 Jun 28  2004 ./secure/login.c
   5953 Jun 28  2004 ./sys/log.h

56a2a6f9da893cbdd88a4abda2665f4a  ./std/object.c
93105e16cf25ebec57254efa17f63229  ./doc/man/efun/debug
3911737a5961855a08d7ff24f0c2f5aa  ./doc/help/wizard/gd
5dbad2b95a9f2205bc3f65964efe890b  ./std/corpse.c
ef4c49066269e276bf84a6531b9be77f  ./std/torch.c
a8d0e02c87b237f4d1ae921d4af91283  ./secure/queue.c
acf6d7b4413d253476ad210c782a095f  ./sys/formulas.h
0223eaa554a412a178ffabf7708e84e0  ./secure/login.c
8a8727441c2231c2517775c3e16f5bb6  ./sys/log.h
I was wondering if it's available somewhere something more recent (both driver and mudlib), since I saw that the s/w repository on Genesis' server seems dead (see: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3685&p=33788&hilit=driver#p33788 mentioning a dead link: https://www.genesismud.org/pages/software) and it runs no FTP server.

And yes, I know aobout MudOS / FluffOS, but I'd rather stick with CD for sentimental and historical reasons.

And no, I don't even think on cheating on a MUD based on such informations, since I have fun playing (and even more coding), I have no interest in competing about how fast my char becomes a legendary hero, and cheating would kill all the joy (for me).

Many thanks is advance to all those who will want to comment, discuss, help or just recall past memories

Have fun,

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Re: LPMUD driver archive(s)

Post by Zhar » 20 Apr 2021 04:10

Do you mean something like that?


This is the public repo of our gamedriver (last updated 2 weeks ago as of this post).

For the LP MUD itself I think some of those might work:

3.1.2 http://mudbytes.net/files/3/

3.2 should be somewhere around here I think: http://mudbytes.net/files/tags/Amylaar/
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Re: LPMUD driver archive(s)

Post by halifax » 20 Apr 2021 09:53

Excellent, many thanks!

I'll run a diff on my sources to see what changed in some 12 yrs :D

Have fun,

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