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Cool Tech Post ...

Post by gorboth » 13 Sep 2011 20:27

Our own Bendis did a really nifty post on Halcyon Consulting Blog that gives
a very fascinating look into simple-text mud client development and gave a
nice plug for our own game. Check the post "A Haven for Pretotypes" at:

Thanks, Bendis, and fascinating write-up!
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Re: Cool Tech Post ...

Post by Uther » 14 Sep 2011 12:11

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Re: Cool Tech Post ...

Post by Laurel » 14 Sep 2011 13:31



Re: Cool Tech Post ...

Post by Laurel » 14 Sep 2011 20:14

Laurel wrote:*snore*
What I meant to say:

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Re: Cool Tech Post ...

Post by Rhaegar » 08 Nov 2011 11:25

Lemme fix the link for you G: ... es_11.html

Blogs tend to grow and older stuff isn't easy to find.

P. S.
What are pretotypes? Did he mean prototypes?

P. P. S.
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