Mud client layout

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Mud client layout

Post by Eowul » 14 May 2013 15:31

Now that I'm researching various options for the Genesis Client, I'm curious how people's client's look in terms of layout. What kind of information do you have on the screen, how is it organised, and what kind of stuff are you missing. Please post screenshots, drawings etc.
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Re: Mud client layout

Post by Laurel » 14 May 2013 16:36

BTorch prntscrn1.png
BTorch prntscrn1.png (66.23 KiB) Viewed 4109 times
BTorch prntscrn2.png
BTorch prntscrn2.png (62.95 KiB) Viewed 4109 times
As you can guess from the button descriptions it's looting up, entering a tent (tents everywhere in this game!), banking, shopping and other configurable stuff.
I experimented with button transparency but after all those years I really don't need to see what's written in combat ;p

It's a Samsung I9001 btw.

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Re: Mud client layout

Post by Einar » 14 May 2013 22:49


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Re: Mud client layout

Post by Kitriana » 14 May 2013 22:56

I don't have the time to do screen shots.. but some of the features I like from my client are:

1) A Notice telling me if I have new mail. Sometimes I miss it in the scroll of combat. So I have a customization bar notice telling me I have new mail.
2) I should probably have something similar for my personal health level.. instead of constantly hitting health all
3) I have a notice telling me who is the leader of my team (or it says NONE) if I'm hanging by myself
4) I created a split screen window that only pops in text that is part of conversation (I have it filtered to only show me text of individuals who are actual players that gets updated as I meet new people) : This is really helpful during combat when you're trying to communicate with your team or others. Otherwise conversations easily get lost in combat scroll. And it makes the killing a little less mindless because you're actually conversing with your team as opposed to just watching the scroll screen by with hits and misses.
5) I also have a toggle that allows me to turn my combat triggers off so that I'm not responding to things automatically. I like a little more control over my actions.
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Re: Mud client layout

Post by Icarus » 15 May 2013 00:08

Same as Kitriana on the Screens etc, but:

Mine looks almost identical to Einar's, except messages just go into the speach window instead of it's own window.

Sound effects on things I don't want to miss out on:
stats going up
level going up
mail recieved
boats coming to port (I've lost a LOT of boats)
Dying... Hey, it's a pain in the arse, nothing makes it worse than your computer laughing at you :D

Probably more sounds too.

I am on CMud.
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Re: Mud client layout

Post by Nomm » 15 May 2013 07:24

For me I like to have what people say, in a different window, so it dont scroll by, either during
combat or during running.

Kitriana, you can always do 'v mail' to see if you have new mail.

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Re: Mud client layout

Post by Kiara » 15 May 2013 16:33

nomm wrote:For me I like to have what people say, in a different window, so it dont scroll by, either during
combat or during running.

Kitriana, you can always do 'v mail' to see if you have new mail.
"v mail" should be included in the usual "v" I think, not many knows it exists. I had no idea until a few years ago when I filed an idea report about including such a feature. A wizard replied and asked why I didnt use "v mail". I was like "uh, what?". I had no idea it existed until then, and I dont think many knows about it still?!?! Now when I know about it I use it all the time!

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Re: Mud client layout

Post by Einar » 16 May 2013 11:06

For many people known to me the most important thing are colours - it's nice to have window or two, status windows etc...but I would really be lost without highlighting specific text with different colour. On polish mud I used to play they introduced ansi colours - you can modify how text is projected to screen in terms of color:
* tekst * <- text

Inne postaci - other characters
* cel ataku * - target of attack set by leader (when you are leader you can set the target for entire team)
* przeciwnik * - opponent (the person/mob you are focused on)
* wrogowie * - enemies (all that fighting you)
* cel obrony * - person to defend and generally look after
* druzyna * - team members
* znani * - people you remember
* pozostali * - people you don't remember

Stan postaci - vitals
* niski poziom stanu * - low levels of vitals
* sredni poziom stanu * - moderate levels of vitals
* wysoki poziom stanu * - high levels of vitals

Komunikacja - communication
* mowa * - speach
* szept * - whisper
* krzyk * - shout
* emocje do mnie * - emotes directed at me

Opisy lokacji - Room descriptions
* dlugi opis latem * - long description in the summer
* dlugi opis jesienia * - long description in the autumn
* dlugi opis wiosna * - in the spring
* dlugi opis zima * - in the winter

* krotki opis dniem * - short description at day
* krotki opis noca * - short description at night

* opis wyjsc z lokacji * - exits from room

Walka - fight
* opisy walki * - fight description

* brak otrzymanych obrazen * - no dmg received (dodges, blocks etc)
* niskie otrzymane obrazenia * - low dmg received
* srednie otrzymane obrazenia * - moderate dmg
* wysokie otrzymane obrazenia * - high dmg

* brak zadanych obrazen * - no dmg dealed
* niskie zadane obrazenia * - low dmg
* srednie zadane obrazenia * - moderate
* wysokie zadane obrazenia * - high dmg
There is default setting but if you don't like it or prefer your own colours palette or you don't feel need to single out any of those option you can customise it setting it to ansi or xterm colour (in xterm it's 255 colours to choose from)
Advantage is quite obvious - you don't need any mud dedicated client for having those colours - any client that supports ansi or xterm will do. Wherever you go and whatever you use you will have everything set to your liking (in regards to colour)

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Re: Mud client layout

Post by Alexi » 03 Dec 2013 15:33

Einar wrote:Image
I've been looking to do something like this for a while, how hard would it be to import into my cmud settings/layout?

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Re: Mud client layout

Post by Einar » 03 Dec 2013 17:26

Quite easy I would say - it is about creating two extra window, anchoring them in desired place and setting up few triggers to capture what people say and when you got new mail. Probably it can be done on one gmcp trigger but I've not tried do it that way yet as that what I got is sufficient for me.

I would suggest to do in cmud #print %gmcp and think what would you like to get out of it, the rest is about positioning button or displaying it in chosen window. I've attached two triggers as example how you can use gmcp triggers.
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