changes to mechanics

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Re: changes to mechanics

Post by Laurel » 03 Aug 2013 20:59

I would not be surprised if that was standard behavior ffs! Are you as detached from the game as you pretend to be, Petros? Please ...
This said NPC that heals whenever someone joins combat with him/her is the behavior that was supposed to be in place when s/he was created. Laurel killed him countless times before. Now she can not - for 1-3 weeks or so.

Viridian was never using more than 1 special during the whole fight with Laurel. Now he does whenever crush is being prepared.

Please don't attempt to handle me like I was a nuisance-lame-user-noob instead of an active player of this game for years. Have you been that recently, Petros?
Exchanging notes with you, I feel like calling a hindu-run call-center with a specific technical question ... all I get in reply seems to be "have you tried to turn it off and on again?" ...

Am I supposed to run around bug-report things or bug-report Laurel instead? Or maybe you (wizards in general) could take your head out of your ... hands and check this in the code. Laurel has not been changing any line of code, while you (wizards in general) obviously have. It's obvious as well that you have not thought about the implications of those changes nor ran any reliable tests for it prior to implementing this change.

Or ... am I supposed to believe Genesis code is as proactive and superior, that it started to change on it's own?

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Re: changes to mechanics

Post by Kas » 04 Aug 2013 11:25

I admit, there has been some weird stuff going on lately, either on local or global level.

May I suggest a protocol of informing the players about changes in gamemechanics and/or npc behaviour, as in, you know, patchnotes? (Yeah, alien concept for Genesis, but one we could benefitting for adapting).

Very few things are as irritating and annoying when something radically changes and nobody said anything about it, especially when people start dying, or close to dying.

Stealth/ninjanerfs or changes aren't cool man, a sure way to loose players or really really pissing them off.

Therefore, I suggest open patchnotes on the common board.
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Re: changes to mechanics

Post by Laurel » 04 Aug 2013 11:39


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Re: changes to mechanics

Post by petros » 04 Aug 2013 19:47

Kas - the reason there's no note posted is that I'm not aware of any changes to game mechanics.

Laurel - The reason for the "call-center" like responses is that I'm trying to figure out what may have changed to address the issue you're seeing. Maybe try and help me help you instead of just assuming that I'm trying to give you the run around?

Zingil - Sure, making the ogre crush the same as all other specials is one way to fix it. But it's just the symptom of the problem. As Laurel's intention was to address changes to game mechanics (ala the title), I prefer to find and fix the root cause, which I believe lie with the npcs.

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