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Tinyfugue 50b8

Posted: 05 Oct 2015 19:44
by Aristos

just in case anyone in the future decides to compile tf-50b8 from the source available at - it won't work. Two files in the source, namely pattern.c and macro.c reference to pcre_info which is now outdated according to this source and pcre_fullinfo should now be used.

In case anyone wants to compile it, just run these two commands before configuring and making:

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sed -i 's|pcre_info|pcre_fullinfo|g' src/pattern.c
sed -i 's|pcre_info|pcre_fullinfo|g' src/macro.c

Then do your usual:

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make install
It should work fine now.

Re: Tinyfugue 50b8

Posted: 08 Nov 2015 12:27
by Khaal
I'm using tf now, and have noticed some rooms where specific keywords when examined result in broken output. Comparing with the web-client, it seems to be output that is formatted in bold, ending with a punctuation and the prompt char like this:

The gate is closed.>

In tf, all i would get would be, say

is closed.>

Am I alone in experiencing this?