One Per Arma/Extremely Slow Item Respawns

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Re: One Per Arma/Extremely Slow Item Respawns

Post by gorboth » 14 Oct 2018 01:05

bugs wrote:
Tulasi wrote:Black Horse is 100% only spawning after someone asks for the task, and I did not have a problem after that. I think that it has a time after being returned (or possibly despawned) beforr it spawns again even whe asking for the task, so I would love it if the stablemaster perhaps had the same cooldown, saying "sorry, not needing help right" type of reply when quest is on cooldown...
Look, I will respond with stablemaster: We have enough oats, ignore the horse west from me, surely it eats, but not enough to trigger a new quest, wait for saruman/suron, only they can trigger people in MT hard enough to warrant a quest, and that's a good thing
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