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Color help

Posted: 23 May 2017 17:50
by Kwevin
Recently I made a few color triggers to higlight various coinage (gold, silver, copper, platinum) as well as the word 'coin'. But to my dismay, it only highlights 'coin' once in a line. So, I'll have something like 'copper coins and silver coins' and only the first instance is highlighted, not every time it shows up. Is there a way that I could color it infinitely? So, if by chance I get something like 'coin, coin, coin, coin, coin' and so on, it would keep coloring just that word. Can I do that?

Re: Color help

Posted: 29 May 2017 10:13
by Kwevin
Also, a much easier question: for the sake of changing background color, not foreground, what color is the web client displayed in?