Nasty Spam - Cmud

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Nasty Spam - Cmud

Post by Cerin » 27 May 2017 16:32

After trying a few different ways to get rid of spam I finally found a rather easy one for Cmud users to get rid of all the crap you dont want to see on your screen.

To start off you'll need to create a list, this is also a way to add things to the list via the command line if you don't want to open up settings everytime

Code: Select all

#ADDITEM Spam {You scratch} 
Then we want to create the trigger for it to gag everything in that list.

Code: Select all

#TRIGGER {{@Spam}} {#GAG}

With those two created go ahead and open your settings and there should be a new variable and trigger created, before we do anything else you need to click on the trigger which should look like this @{Spam}. In the bottom right of the settings screen you should see something labeled "Priority <random number", this just tells the mud which triggers have priority to fire over the others. Go ahead and change it to 1. If you dont see that feature dont worry about it, not a huge deal. Next make a new folder in your settings and label it Gags or whatever you want and place both variable list and trigger within it. Now you can either use the above #additem to add more things you dont want on your screen to the list or open up the setting and go to the @A Spam variable and add things to the GUI list, just be sure to save when done. I would suggest being as specific as possible, adding things like scratches may seem like a good idea until while doing a quest a room description has "There are scratches on the ground" and you'll never see it.

Also if you're running a Speech or Converse window be sure to open up your settings and copy that Gag folder to it as well. The #GAG just removes it from your view but the #capture will still post it to the Speech/Converse window. With the trigger and list there it will prevent the spamming of that window as well, when you update the main list just delete the one in the Speech/Converse tab and paste the updated one.

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Re: Nasty Spam - Cmud

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 27 May 2017 17:07

Yeah the Variable List in {} is very handy for lots of things. Works in Zmud too.
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