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Sharing some cMUD scriptis
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Author:  MikeB [ 25 Aug 2017 22:52 ]
Post subject:  Sharing some cMUD scriptis

Hello, folks!

I have developed over time some cMUD scripts and are wiling to share some of them.
You can get access to them via cMUD build in Library section. Just look there for Genesis scripts and ones developed by MikeB.
Latest added functionality there is AutoTravel (Traveling module) option which allows you to travel from point A to point B in AutoTravel mode letting script to handle even stuff like fully automated ship boarding and disembarking.
As some areas are quite tricky to handle, Im adding here - - my current map (not big one so you can try this script out and get some understanding how it works - just make sure that AutoTravel mode is is switched on and just double click on room you want to go. Feel free to share this map as sooner or later that sharing service will discard it.
Also Im adding here my map config file which works just fine for me.

Note, that my scripts uses cMUDs built-in SQL functionality. Also - dont be shy and check out speed menus (just right click on MUD output window) to gain some more insights what else can be done there.

mapConfig.txt [680 Bytes]
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Author:  MikeB [ 02 Jan 2018 03:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sharing some cMUD scriptis

As little New Year gift have updated my cMUD scripts in Library.
Also added module to do fully automated or semi automated banking operations.

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