Script to fix formatting on Mudlet

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Script to fix formatting on Mudlet

Post by Alteor » 18 Dec 2017 17:48

So, Mudlet has a super retarded bug, thanks to lead Mudlet dev being stubborn, where it treats the "tab" character in extremely bizarre manner and break formatting all over the place in all LPMud games.

So, here is the fix, I tested on Palanthas clothing shop (where bug was super obvious).
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Re: Script to fix formatting on Mudlet

Post by Shanoga » 05 Nov 2018 22:38

This post is a bit old, but I am going to offer a slightly adjusted xml file that keeps the formatting a bit closer to the intended spacing. The code is also slightly shorter. For what it's worth, I took this directly from Vadi (developer of Mudlet) and just made a slight change to the number of spaces.

This script does one simple thing. It replaces "tabs" in Genesis with 8 whitespaces (the length of a tab in the webclient). I don't know that it performs any differently than what Alteor so kindly posted above, but I figure it never hurts to have a little variety.
Converts a tab character (\t) in Genesis into 8 spaces, the standard tab width in the webclient.
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