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New MUDlet User

Post by Arsonist » 14 Mar 2019 05:40

I have heard a lot about this mudlet client on the forums so, I decided to give it a try. After I eventually connected to the genesis server, I was greeted with the basics. I began to look around the forums and the "Quest Orbs Online" site. I downloaded the packages that I liked, vitals, keypad, map, chat box, and colored exits. I found how to apply them to the mudlet, but then when I reloaded Mudlet, the new features were overlapping. Thus, leading me to my first question:

How does one move features around MUDlet?

This was a dead end that I was afraid to tinker with for fear of messing up MUDlet. I then returned to the forums and found people had claimed they made entire packages, positioning and setup all completed in the screen shots... I could not find one that seemed to work on my device, i may have a small screen (is there a way to zoom on mudlet).

Can someone help explain these things, link a tutorial, something? MUDlet seems cool but I am not as technically inclined as I wish.

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