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Re: MUD Client for Apple

Post by Rhaegar » 02 Nov 2012 04:40

Well, that's because the guy decided to work full-time on just that. If cMUD were turned into an open source project with active community I believe it could not only become better but also more widely available.
I understand Zugg's dedication, but like he mentioned himself, he was working on cMUD for 6 years at a loss, using up his family savings and retirement. And to be honest, the thing he was working on wasn't really that unique. Let's take a look at JMC's features for example:
JMC supports unlimited player profiles for any number of accounts, aliases, trigger actions with complex pattern matching using wildcards, custom key assignments for user-defined macros, variables, speed walking, auto map generation, extensive built in and user-defined functions, ANSI color, word wrapping, wave sound support, built in Winamp integration commands, advanced logging in textual and HTML formats with customizable style sheets, full scripting support for total customization, advanced COM object support to enable the external control of JMC functionality, and much more!
I know I might be one of the few people who don't need all this fancy stuff, seeing how at the beginning of my mudding career no one here had Internet connection at home and you had to do it at school/university with some free shell or DOS accounts on computers that didn't have a hard drive, black & white screens and were booting from the network allowing only for the command-line interface. This really limited what you could do with your clients and what clients you were able to use. For me, the single best feature in TF is that my prompt stays in place (I turned off separation of prompt from MUD output as it was annoying the hell out of me). Everything else is a bonus, and I never trusted auto-mappers, nothing beats pen and paper in my book.
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