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Post by Gub » 24 Mar 2010 03:39

I've been using Mudlet now for awhile, since c/zMUD is not offered for my Ubuntu box. After adjusting to various differences (triggers, alias and the like, operate differently), I am beginning to grow fairly fond of it. As of right now the only major function it is lacking is an automapper, which is supposedly under development for Mudlet in the nearing future.

The cool part.

Because Mudlet is open source, add-ons can be created and customized for MUDs. That means that even at a basic functionality level, of common triggers, aliases, and gauges, Genesis could have its own client. this is a link to its source code. These are some general pictures and at the bottom some pictures of MUDs who have made it their own.

I don't really think this is of major importance, but it is pretty cool. I think in a year or two, with its implementation of a mapper, it could surpass cMUD in functionality.

Something to keep an eye on!

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