What client are you using to play Genesis?

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Re: What client are you using to play Genesis?

Post by Sharn » 14 Jun 2010 16:31

Earth wrote:
sharn wrote:
tharandil wrote:well cmud is just an improved/new version of zmud? yes no?
I have both zmud and cmud and crashing is significantly improved in cmud.
I mean it crashes pretty frequently for me for no apparent reason.
Cmud is faster then zmud and has the option to display time (what happened when) - useful.

I like cmud more but I am using zmud. The crashing in cmud is unbearable for me.
Cmud usually crashes a lot if you are using the Beta version of it. Did you try the last public release version? Usually those are quite stable.
Not sure...I would think that I used stable, but has been a while so I do not remember.
I tried to check cmud forums why it might be crashing but did not find anything.
Think I will try that again. Need epic dis for that :)
Not crashing cmud would be great.

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