Memories of Eden

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Memories of Eden

Post by Kitriana » 04 Jul 2011 03:21

As the pain is still strong for many of us of the Loss of Eden... I've always found that sharing memories of that person brings some comfort and solace. I'm creating this space to share those memories or thoughts we have of her.

I will start with a recent memory... thats brings a smile to my face when I think of it...

...myself and Xena met her in the Halls where she related to us the hunt had she recently went on with Zizal. She had woven crystals into her hair, from the Ziggurat.. and as they travelled through dark tunnels of the Utterdark, she tossed her hair back hoping to catch the attention of Zizal as they glittered. To her own amusement, Zizal did not see it due to the darkness. She demonstrated her attempt and told us of how she laughed at herself at the time. We all discussed how to remedy the situation to somewhere in better lighting with Zizal so she could delight him with her decorations. Now, every time I pick up those crystals.. I think of her.

"You toss your hip length, strawberry blond hair back making the many crystal flowers glitter and sparkle in the light."
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Re: Memories of Eden

Post by Iliana » 05 Jul 2011 17:33

Years ago when I had been playing for a while my husband decided to make a character. He wanted to do things on his own and asked I not let anyone know there was any connection between his character and Iliana. So I stayed away and allowed him to adventure and travel on his own. I had of course, met in passing or at least heard of some of the famous and huge characters of Genesis but I had never had the chance to travel with them. One day my husband tells me his little character has had the most amazing day. He had apparently become part of a large team with people from all over the realms who had all started talking about wanting to recruit him, he felt quite important and impressed with it all. It turned out Zingil and Eden were two of those on this team, I tried to explain to him that Eden most likely was just not willing to be outdone by Zingil and that as far as I knew hobbits would not be allowed in the Shadow Union. He assured me that after having seen her in a fight he felt sure if anyone could make it happen it was Eden. It was a day that made him enjoy the game for years and the other day when I mentioned her passing, he recalled that day with great fondness. Eden was one of those character who always made an amazing impression. Her player was a kind soul who will be missed.

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Re: Memories of Eden

Post by Fourtcoer » 06 Jul 2011 14:41

My memories of Eden are more from an era than any specific memories. I really started interacting with her at a time when the Knighthood war system was extraordinarily taxing in terms of time and personal funds and Krynn had become all about the war machine and roleplaying had at the time diminished (especially in my perspective back then, some many years ago when I was more of a roleplaying snob. I don't roleplay any less now, but I'm less of a snob about it - as a player.)

Eden had so impressed me with her roleplaying that to me, the Shadow Union as a roleplaying haven - which it was. For the better part of my time in the Shadow Union, a large portion of my play time was spent roleplaying or teaming with Eden. At some point she revealed to me a Knight character she played briefly (Emaleth, I think?), who I also enjoyed. I left the Union largely when its membership stopped being active, Eden was the last holdout. When Eden stopped being active, the SU roleplay and mechanics were not enough to keep me playing without its members, so I went to join the Spirit Circle - and I just recently found out she played a member there as well.

So across all three of my guilds, I have had the pleasure of having my entire Genesis experience enhanced by Eden's player. She will be missed.

Thank you to Kitriana and Anahita for humoring my theatrics last night.

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