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The Alliance, part 2

Posted: 09 Apr 2012 17:33
by Fairlight
Ofcourse, after the AA war came the DA, so here are some of the stuff I still
have lying around. It might not be the most interresting stuff, but it is part of
the Genesis history.

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The Blue Dragonarmy of Ansalon:
-Karpath, muscular black-eyed, male human, (THIEF)
High Officers
-Kellendil, green-haired red-eyed, male half-elf
-Torg, massive battleworn, male goblin, (THIEF)
-Fairlight, thick-armed smooth-skinned, male human
-Krewl, balding swarthy, male half-elf
-Varulg, tiny pale, male human
-Nygil, prim squinty-eyed, male human, (ELEMENTALIST)
-Zap, small dirty, male goblin
-Artagel, skinny black-eyed, male hobgoblin
-Birder, furry double-chinned, male goblin (THIEF)
-Denethor, ebony-skinned black-haired, female human
-Dethraine, black-bearded battle-scarred, male human
-Drakon, green-eyed barrel-chested, male half-elf
-Dumar, jet black, male half-elf
-Gretchen, muscular square-jawed, female human
-Line, pale exciting, female human (MONK)
-Nalfien, pale cold-hearted, male human
-Nellnight, black-eyed cold-hearted, male human
-Owen, middle-aged jovial, male human
-Stromgald, lean dark-skinned, male human
-Ulath, scarred menacing, male human
-slight well-groomed, male human
-white-haired sentimental, male human
-Abernomicon, thinly-bearded, male half-elf, (THIEF)
-Barek, muscular blue-eyed, male human
-Darin, orange-haired blemished, male human
-Frank, dark-skinned jut-jawed, male human
-Gadez, pale dark-eyed, male human
-Krangh, male human
-Kuirki, broad-chested bronze-skinned, male human
-Mistwolf, male human
-Mortimor, tiny black, male goblin, (ELEMENTALIST)
-Neuron, nimble-fingered buck-toothed, male half-elf, (THIEF)
-Ophidian, scarred callous, male half-elf
-Smog, blond-haired musky, male hobgoblin, (THIEF)
-Tengil, young cross-eyed, male human
-Terissa, green-eyed chestnut-haired, female half-elf
-tanned dark-eyed? female human
The Red Dragonarmy of Ansalon:
-Hawk, scarred black, male hobgoblin, (THIEF)
High Officers
-Beldin, round-eyed flat-nosed, male goblin
-Bhimasena, one-eyed menacing, male goblin, (THIEF)
-Gector, young energenic, male goblin, (THIEF)
-Swan, red-eyed hulking, male goblin, (THIEF)
-Vlady, sad-faced blue-eyed, male human  {Deleted or Suspended}
-Zugzug, impressvive slender, male goblin, (THIEF)

-Cerlion, young gangly-legged, male human
-Funky, angry menacing, male goblin, (THIEF)
-Hades, old dirty, male goblin, (THIEF)
-Mariuz, barrel-chested sensible, male hobgoblin
-Monika, massive angry, female goblin, (THIEF)
-Myrset, delicate wheezy, female goblin, (THIEF)
-Purple, furtive red-eyed, male goblin, (THIEF)
-Stryder, angry bouncy, male goblin
-Zarkin, blue-eyed broad-chested, male goblin
-Zizo, dark-skinned slender male half-elf, (ELEMENTALIST)
-Zyklone, calm stone-faced, half-elf, (THIEF)
-Boroda, brown-haired green-eyed, male human, (THIEF)
-Budha, male goblin
-Caerid, moody stout, male goblin
-Fabio, red-eyed menacing, male goblin
-Fwap, tiny scarred, male goblin, (THIEF)
-Haldur, young calm, male human, (THIEF)  {Deleted or Suspended}
-Jakle, wicked skinny, male goblin
-Jar, black-eyed, male goblin
-Jenya, blue-eyed blond-haired, male human
-Kachee, foul-looking bony-faced, male goblin
-Khayman, dark-eyed ancient, male human
-Mandorallen, slender tanned, male goblin
-Manowar, angry big, male goblin
-Matrim, scarred slight, male goblin, (THIEF)
-Morg, foul-looking broad-shouldered, male goblin
-Morti, broad-chested orange-haired, female goblin
-Myrison, impressive tempered, male human
-Mysterion, red-eyed pallid, male goblin
-Pally, male human, (THIEF)
-Ra, pallid spindly, male human
-Ruben, ancient ebony-skinned, male human, (ELEMENTALIST)
-Smokey, dirty yellow-eyed, female goblin
-Sodoyo, male goblin
-Soote, massive stone-faced, male goblin
-Spawn, red-eyed cold-hearted, male goblin, (THIEF)
-Therock, dark-eyed middle-aged, male human
-Zigzag, black-haired cold-hearted, male human
-broad-shouldered scarred, male human
-Daeron, blood-craving muscular, male goblin
-Dionysos, barrel-chested thick-armed, male goblin
-Hisssss, male human
-Serif, tiny thin, female human
-green-eyed charming, female human
-leggy pallid, female human
-slender middle-aged, male human
-brown-eyed young, male human (THIEF)
Possible DAs
-black-eyed odd-smelling, male elf
-black-haired black, male goblin
-dark-eyed nervous, male human
-foul-looking pallid, male goblin
-green-eyed black-haired, female human
-thick-armed hulking, male goblin
More shall be added, should I find sumit fun.
Add, gathering dust in a small corner

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October 20th, 1999: WAR Begins. 

War begins and the blood letting begins. 

April 18th, 2000: Youngster Brutally Slain. 

Dita, Squire of the Knighthood, is brutally set upon by DA Supporter, Budha. She is killed, as she is only a small veteran, in two hits. 

April 19th-30th, 2000: Encounters/Skirmishes. 

More Skirmishes occur around Genesis but no more deaths have been reported as yet. 

May 3rd, 2000: Two blows struck by the Alliance. 

Firstly, a team of 3 Calians(Budwise, Trax and Valandil) and a Knight (Tarlok) manage to drive off a dragon with two riders (Vlady and Lindros) and kill Fwap of the RDA. 
Later the same day, a major blow was struck with the death of Swan of the RDA thanks to Thyrus (Calian) and Bofur(Knight) in Kabal. 

May 4th-8th, 2000: News from the Knights. 

No new deaths reported, but a new treaty has been signed between the Knights and the BDA. See the News for info. 

May 9th-12th, 2000: No News is good News?. 

Nada zip and nothing. Not a peep from anyone so the web site must be going well and no deaths or anything of note from Genesis. What a slow week for both sides. 

June 23rd, 2000: Allies strike two blows. 

Seems that news always happens in two for the Alliance, today both Stryder and Purple, High ranking RDA were met and vanquished. THe first by Maximilian, Blake and Sir Tyler while the second by Blake, Lordgradif, Sir Ant and Sir Tyler. Quite an outing for Blake and Tyler.

Hours later another RDA was brought down, Morg of the RDA was brought down by Sir Bofur, Sir Morpheus, Goldhawk and another Calian. A good outing for the Allies. 

July 1st, 2000: Luther of BDA dead. 

Luther of the Blue Dragonarmy was today killed by a team lead by Therock and Sir Rulindal and Sir Morpheus as members. The fighting occured in Flotsam. 

July 6th, 2000: Two Knights killed in action. 

Two Knights were killed fighting a team of RDA officers on the Abasinian Plains. Apparently 7 dragons froze the team when wandering NPCS entered and assisted. Thanks be to Paladine who saw fit to return their souls to the Knighthood to continue the battle. 

July 6th, 2000: Two Knights killed in action. 

A number of deaths have occured, unfortunately I have only heard from heresay who they were. If anyone has more concrete details please mail from the contribute page. 

July 21th, 2000: Information come to light 

Brenagen has been killed 5 times in the last few months. Who by? Purple, Hades and Lindros. Now I don't know about you but that's probably boardering upon harrassment? I know the Alliance tries to kill the RDA members, but rarely succeeds. Seems the RDa don't know when enough is enough? 3 Superchamps upon one veteran if he's lucky. Think it over. 

July 31th, 2000: More deaths 

This time it was Mandorallen who massacred the newbie (so I'm told) Velon. I'm sure he's proud. 

Re: The Alliance, part 2

Posted: 09 Apr 2012 19:46
by Rhaegar
Haha, "superchamps". Good old days. I wonder what would happen if we actually got more people and some wars started going on. So many big people roaming the realms now...

Re: The Alliance, part 2

Posted: 04 Jun 2017 12:07
by Zugzug
This is from the RDA side (approximately the same time period):

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Year 2000.
February 16th.
Myrset is slain by Balu and Nikiel, fallen to a critical hit.  Cerlion 
safely retreats.
February 17th.
The war of the Lance is over.  The final standings in the war are as 
 Eastern Solamnian Plains:          Free People
 Estwilde Plains:                   Red Dragon Army
 Western Solamnian Plains:          Knights
 Newports Area:                     Red Dragon Army
 Abanasinian Plains:                Red Dragon Army
It is clear from these results that the Red Dragon Army has 
established itself as the primary force in Krynn, not to be messed 
February 21st.
Monika and Bhimasena encounter knights Dramli and Morpheus on their 
raid.  Both knights are severely injured, but panic and run from 
battle, galloping on their warhorses fast enough that their bellies 
are quivering.
February 25th.
Gector, Vlady, Swan and Zugzug slay four enemies   two velars, one 
knight applicant and one calian applicant.  No feelings are hurt.
Later in the day, Soldier Becher encounters and slays knight Alban in 
February 28th.
An unusual event in light of the recent victories   Becher was 
defeated by knight Bofur at the giant's village today.  Bofur 
encountered Becher while Becher was injured and promptly slayed him, 
blocking the only exit out of the giants hut.  Looking ahead, less 
than four days later, this death was avenged.
Later in the day, seeking revenge Kachee slayed a young melancholy 
human who reportedly is a friend of Bofur's and chased Bofur around, 
but was unable to deal the final hit.
Nikiel scored a toll as well, as he cornered and slayed Fabio in
February 29th.
Soldier Kachee, still upset at his friend's defeat finds and slays a 
knight on the road to mordor.  The brown-haired green-eyed male human 
is reportedly Tarlok, but the identity is not confirmed.  What is 
confirmed, is that the victim was of the order of the Crown, which is 
March 1st.
A grave day for the pitiful alliance this was.  Gector and Swan 
slay Galen, a calian.  Less than six hours later, a team patrolling 
the plains of Solamnia, headed by Monika, slays knight Tarlok.  That 
same team, with Murdock, Zugzug, Bhimasena and Taron slay three 
knights: Dramli, Morpheus and Stiel (a squire to knight Rauko)  Rauko, 
who ironically lead the team to its death is the only survivor of the 
bloodbath, retreats to the safety of the keep to weep over his 
comrades. It is safe to say, that the death of Becher is 
March 2nd.
Mandorallen encounters and brutally slays a wolf-headed green-
eyed calian on boat to Bazaar, who turns out later to be Chaz.
Soldier Kachee slays Cherek in the town of Flotsam, catching him 
after Cherek was beaten up by Soldiers Myrset and Mariuz.  Later in
the day, Officer Purple and Soldier Lindros quickly slay Alannon, a
wolf-headed blue-eyed male human, who was a member of Calia.  The
victim 'donated' a maul and a scale to the Red Dragonarmy.
March 3rd.
Soldier Lindros finds and slays squire Shooday, in the burrows of Bree.
The event is worth mentioning, as Shooday had quit out just some twenty
minutes prior to his death, running away from Lindros in Port Balifor.
March 5th.
Soldier Becher is attacked by knight Dramli in the town of Kalaman.  
The fight was even for a while until Becher got aid from soldier Sodoyo,
and together they sent Dramli for a consultation to Paladine, or 
whatever other false Gods he believed in.
March 6th.
A combined effort of Red and Blue Dragonarmies result in an ambush, 
which lead to the deaths of 5 Calians:  Odysseus, Valandil, Clay, 
Hector and Dameon.  Later in the day, a team was gathered by the
Alliance to avenge these deaths, but counter-measures taken by the
Dragonarmy troops proved to be effective - Goldhawk of Calia, who
was in the Alliance team was put to death quickly and painfully.  The
Dragonarmy suffered no casualties.
March 8th.
After some quiet time of Alliance licking its wounds, the Dragonarmy
strikes again, this time Soldiers Becher, Myrset and Mercenary Taron
killing a charming sad-faced male human, a squire of Solamnia.
Later in the day, a Calian Czucz, supposedly fifth largest Calian was
slayed in Moria by a team of 12 Dragonarmy soldiers.  Needless to say,
the death was swift.
March 11th.
After yet some more quiet time, Officers Lindros of the Red and Varulg
of the Blue find and execute High Justice Yavanna in Calian Inn.  
High Officer Monika encounters Grolm several times in the realms and
every time he escapes by a narrow margin from death.  After some time,
Soldier Mandorallen comes across Grolm in Kabal and kills him.
March 12th.
Mandorallen catches and slays Grolm, a Calian.
March 15th.
Laurel - a former Neidar joins the Knighthood as a squire and is 
promptly given a warm, bloody 'welcome' by the Red Dragonarmy.
Taron and Fwap kill her.
March 16th.
Fwap kills a kender Calian, then dies later by being blocked in a 
one-exit room.
March 20th.
Zugzug, Swan, Kachee, Taron, Smyrna and allies Xogh encounter
Morrigan on plains of Solamnia and slay him.
March 21st.
Zizo encounters freshly killed (check March 12th entry) Grolm at
the way to the Sybarus Octopus.  They fight and Grolm flees, but
does not flee far.  Dead tired, he has to rest underwater, while
Master Herbalist Zizo shows why he carries the title, fully 
utilizing his healing and fatigue-reducing herbs to catch up to
Grolm, and slay him.  Later in the day, General Murdock of the 
BDA relinquishes his leadership to Lubu.
March 25th.
Cerlion slays a charming red-nosed gnome, a Calian.  Later in the 
day, Nikiel encounters Seren and slays her.
March 28th.
Grolm seems to be getting the point at this time.  Myrset meets
him in ogre caves of Kalad, backstabs with a poisoned fatigue
dagger and then catches up with him on his escape route to Kabal.
Grolm, as always, dies.  Later in the day, the knights and calians
get revenge by slaying Mariuz and Bhimasena.
March 31st.
Myrset and Drakon encounter Laurel and Galen at the captain of
guards of Balifor, Serion.  A shrot skirmish leads to the death
of Laurel, however Galen manages to escape.
April 1st.
Lindros together with some allies manages to kill Budwise, a calian
known for his loud mouth and slow wits, along with battle cowardice.
April 2nd.
Lindros, together with soldier Haldur and ally Budha are attacked 
the renown vigilante Zoirenna.  Zoirenna gets the low end of the 
encounter, and is killed.  Later in the day, Officer Bhimasena
kills calian Clay.
April 3rd.
Officer Lindros extends his playerkilling streak to 3 days, 
managing to slay a blue-eyed muscular male human (Solamnian
Squire) in the Legion of Darkness area.  (The victim may be
April 4th. 
HO Swan runs into knight Morpheus and ranger Valdar.  Morpheus
wimped around, but Valandil wasn't so lucky.  Having assisted
against Swan, Valdar licensed his own death.  Later, squire
Laurel died twice at the hands of two different people - first
Myrset got her in Flotsam, and then Monika in Sparkle not knowing
about her fate.
April 5th.
Fwap slays a black-haired ivory-skinned female half-elf, a calian.
Reportedly, her name is Calantha.
April 6th.
A great victory for the Dragonarmy - high officer Swan brutally
slays Sylvana Ferin, Solamnian Commander of the Knighthood.  On
a revenge trip, Nikiel manages to claim the life of Taron, a 
Dragonarmy soldier.  
April 7th.
General Zugzug leads a team consisting of Zizo, Lindros, Pally and
Monika to the goblin caves, where they encounter a calian team 
lead by Trax, with Brenagen and another warrior in it.  Calians
get the excellent halberd, but Dragonarmies get the life of 
Brenagen.  Later in the day, Zugzug (this time with Vlady and ally
Nanja Makzpain) goes for the excellent halberd again, just to 
meet a team lead by Tarlok with Lysander and Krillin in it.  Not
surprisingly, Tarlok gets the excellent halberd, but is unable to
keep it for long.  Zugzug and Vlady use the powers of the Dark 
Queen and call in their dragons for battle support in the skirmish
near Bree, and the enemy is devastated.  Not brave enough even to 
run away from the fight, Tarlok and Krillin are slain, Lysander
gets away.
April 9th.
Monika sees a wolf-headed white male human (Calian) and slays him
on sybarus piers.  Later in the day, Lindros and ally Budha kill
Grolm in kroug fields near the calian palace.  Even later, Lindors
sees a tanned adolescent female human, knight of the Sword and 
swiftly puts an end to her opression of Krynn.  The knight is
reportedly Catrina.
April 11th.
Taron is lagged and a taem of 2 calians and a knights find him
on piers.  Taron dies.  Two of the killers are identified as
Brujah and Ant.  Also, Neuron, Budha and Mariuz kill a female 
Calian at the roundabout.  The calian is not identified.
April 15th.
Monika and Mariuz slay Trax, a Calian in Sparkle.  Trax tried to
concentrate too hard on understanding those wierd squiggly black
symbols on board, and didn't notice the attackers.  Later in the
day, Monika kills Tianar at the same place and in a similar 
April 16th-April 26th
Information lost.  However, Thyrus, Brenagen, Clay and Calanth were
slain in this timeperiod.
April 27th.
Swan kills calian Hector.  Later, Gector, Swan, Bhimasena and Vlady 
kill dark-haired ivory-skinned female half-elf, a Calian.
April 30th.
Zyklone meets and kills a  blue-eyed menacing male human, a squire
of Knighthood.  Later, Bhimasena, Zizo, Hades, Zyklone and Vlady 
find and kill Clay, a notoriously annoying Calian.
May 1st.
Monika killed Gabrael, squire.
May 3rd.
Vlady, Lindros, Hades, Fwap kill Brenagen.  However, later knight 
Bofur and calian Thyrus manage to kill High Officer Swan in Kabal.
May 4th.
Lindros kills High Warrior Trekker.
May 5th-May 12th
Information lost, however casualties from the Red Dragonarmy at this
time have occured.
May 13th.
Hektor (calian) and Amberlee (guildless) encounter Vlady and Korlagon, 
an allied Gladiator.  The enemy Hektor is attacked, and cowardly moves
behind his guildless friend, which of course results in a very quick
death of Amberlee.  However, amusingly, Amberlee blames Vlady and 
Korlagon for her death and swears upon something to claim revenge.  
Just an illustration of how delirious and pathetically moronic our 
enemies are at this time...
May 14th.
Becher rushes to the aid of Pally, and together they manage to slay one 
of the troublemakers, Hektor.
May 22nd.
Underwater, in Sybarus, Lindros kills knight Tarlok.
May 23rd.
A huge victory for the Dragonarmy, as today Lindros and Pally managed to
slay one of the most deadly knights, Cail, Swordsmaster of Solamnia.

Re: The Alliance, part 2

Posted: 05 Jun 2017 20:34
by Tarax the Terrible
All with no recovery heheh

Re: The Alliance, part 2

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 01:09
by Zugzug
Tarax the Terrible wrote:All with no recovery heheh
Reading the post before mine, I did a search for Brenagen, and boy oh boy. I feel sorry for poor old Brenagen.

Re: The Alliance, part 2

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 04:17
by Amberlee
To answer Tarax.

Yeah back then there was no recovery.

Re: The Alliance, part 2

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 10:13
by Tarax the Terrible
Ermmm I know.. I have played since well before those days and Tarax was killed twice in one day in similar war a bit after that time. Second one was after re entering the realms in Sparkle with no equip and still hurt. Set me back months and months. But you didn't really care back then, people helped you recover fast even if there was no recovery system.

Re: The Alliance, part 2

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 21:59
by Amberlee
In some cases enemies even helped eachother.
So they could beat eachother up sooner.