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Missing Friends/Enemies alike 
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Joined: 10 Mar 2010 05:52
Posts: 451
Location: Denmark
gorboth wrote:
These are the people you remember:
Akeisha, Anfalas, Astra, Auvryndar, Becka, Belegurth, Blackknight,
Caradhras, Celephias, Chmee, Crystania, Damian, Darth, Denbarra, Drax,
Ekkehard, Eleron, Fatale, Gaelan, Halb, Hawke, Jade, Julius, Kammie,
Kayt, Kelnozz, Ladindell, Locklear, Louie, Lubu, Mikle, Minion, Moth,
Mouschka, Nospennor, Orange, Orion, Remo, Rocque, Sartan, Shlick,
Skulker, Sorak, Stern, Stryder, Telcontar, Thunder, Toby, Tock,
Ugelplect, Umbar, Valkin, Vix, Vorrog, Zacron, Zap

Hadn't even considered checking mine, but of course it remains intact as it was the day I wizzed. Fun to see who mattered to me back in the day.


You take the prize for the oldest names. Sheesh a lot of those bring back FOND memories :)

I miss teaming with Draconis as a calian as well, and still mourn the day Myrill (one of my first mortals) disppointed and betrayed a dear friend, Triss, when I left the calians, to join the darker side.

The old bloodylust was a blast. We had some good times.

Vadiem and Belzebub, back in the early 90's, always took good care of me.

Solace, whenever she let me use the Flaming Black Broadsword :)

Raffe, the craziest of them all. Forever shall the halls of Angmar echo with his voice. I miss you, dear old friend. I trust you're still running around up there, screaming Angmar!, waving your club around, buddy.

Jacksmith, Avatars first wife, whom I divorced to marry Fatale, whom I am still with today in RL as well, 17 years later.

Pentecost, my dear friend. I still owe you a bunch of platinum coins. Where did you go off to?

Jezebelle was always a guarantee for epic RP sessions.

Gadez, I miss our talks and badass RP sessions. The game misses your presence.

Almost forgot Moles. I miss his 'licks you joyously' greetings. Always such an overly happy character :)

Finglas, who made sure that one of my characters had an AMAZING time as a sqire in the Knighthood, and sadly just vanished after moving across the states.

Jaypeg. Ranger of the north. He and Avatar were sworn enemies, but had immense respect for each other. Avatar was even invited to Jaypegs wedding, as a guest of honor, under his protection. Was interesting with all the goodie staring me down during the ceremony and party afterwards.

There are SO many names and people.I have, sadly, been forced to clean up my memory list these last few days, after returning to the game, to accomodate the people whom I have met since then. :(

These are the people you remember:
Adrian, Adriel, Aiguchi, Aizorana, Aldinach, Alorrana, Amberlee,
Argash, Arnumor, Aruman, Baghil, Barak, Berwyn, Bildor, Bloodlust,
Bombur, Brate, Bueradin, Casbaar, Castaneda, Cerlion, Chade, Creed,
Dionysos, Diri, Draft, Drakon, Draugor, Ekkehard, Eldulyn, Elita,
Emraht, Ergo, Eve, Fade, Fulgrim, Gadez, Garban, Gector, Ghotag,
Gonzaga, Grogg, Gub, Guinevere, Hades, Hektor, Hoax, Homestar, Hrolg,
Illusion, Ilrahil, Isgrimnur, Jenya, Jezebelle, Kahlier, Kitriana,
Krewl, Laurenne, Locklear, Malbeth, Marduk, Milamber, Mim, Mithros,
Monqmor, Mortimor, Mudrun, Murdock, Myrison, Myrset, Nalfein,
Nellnight, Newton, Panthan, Pasha, Poet, Radiant, Rage, Ramirez,
Rhynox, Saleemah, Sarenkir, Sekhmet, Sly, Sojiro, Syrk, Taramir,
Tarax, Thanak, Thanatos, Thane, Tikoti, Toad, Treo, Trog, Trovao,
Ulath, Valsavis, Varulg, Watchereye, Wolverine, Wrach, Wulfgar,
Wynter, Yeren, Zagar, Zedex, Zip
Your brain can handle no more names.

The Kahedan guild deserves mention as well. I have SUCH fond memories of that guild. First board in genesis where the max number of posts were raised to 100, because the board was amazingly active. people argued and bickered constantly on it, as the guild consisted of all alignments. It was an EPIC guild to be a member of.

Angmar! ANGMAR!! ANGMAR!!!
Pulp Znuga! PULP!!!!

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03 Sep 2013 13:37

Joined: 04 Mar 2010 16:03
Posts: 52
avatar wrote:
You take the prize for the oldest names. Sheesh a lot of those bring back FOND memories :)

Bah! Gorboth only remembers youngsters.

I still have Cindy the remembered, and I guess I'm one of the few that remember who, and what, she were :)

These are the people you remember:
Adriel, Aizorana, Aldieb, Amberlee, Anahita, Anfalas, Ant, Avatar,
Barin, Bebop, Becka, Bildor, Blake, Bofur, Bromen, Brujah, Budwise,
Calantha, Carnak, Cassius, Castaneda, Celephias, Centurion, Cerlion,
Chade, Cherek, Cindy, Creed, Cromm, Cyris, Dameon, Daniel, Danov,
Dardamein, Dare, Darkaan, Delmar, Denbarra, Denethor, Didelith,
Dimrim, Dionysos, Diri, Dordon, Drogyn, Earth, Emraht, Eve, Fade,
Felagund, Fornax, Freya, Frost, Gadez, Garwain, Goldberry, Gothmog,
Goul, Grampal, Guinevere, Habiki, Haderach, Hades, Hawk, Hektor,
Helix, Homestar, Ibun, Icarus, Ilrahil, Irk, Jenya, Jezebelle, Joyce,
Katrina, Kehr, Kithkanan, Krewl, Kuti, Lanfear, Laurel, Logg,
Loralein, Lordryn, Lysander, Malach, Mariuz, Maureenanne, Max, Mecien,
Mersereau, Mhy, Milehigh, Milla, Mim, Mirilander, Mithros, Monika,
Morpheus, Morrison, Nellnight, Nemi, Nikiel, Ninle, Phantom, Pharaxes,
Poet, Prokop, Rae, Reginald, Remo, Revan, Rex, Rhynox, Rohim, Ryft,
Savannah, Sephrez, Serander, Sheliak, Shesara, Sionell, Sprite, Stiel,
Tanthalis, Tarak, Tarlok, Tharg, Thyme, Thyrus, Tomas, Torwin, Tosha,
Totty, Treo, Tristram, Tyler, Uther, Vallimar, Wrach, Xar, Xena,
Zagar, Zar, Zingil, Zip
Your brain can handle no more names.

04 Sep 2013 23:06
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Joined: 10 Mar 2010 05:52
Posts: 451
Location: Denmark
Oh goodness. Thyme. Not seen her in years either.

You two used to cause quite a havoc on the crystalline road, when it was located west of Sparkle, in the lovely Vamp war :)

She fought fiercely to remain the only female in the Mystics guild as well. Quite a character.

Angmar! ANGMAR!! ANGMAR!!!
Pulp Znuga! PULP!!!!

05 Sep 2013 07:47

Joined: 24 Aug 2010 21:46
Posts: 72
Abyss, Adrian, Adriel, Aiguchi, Aldinach, Alorrana, Ambrosia, Anahita,
Andraghoras, Anshar, Argor, Artagel, Aruman, Balhut, Barak,
Belladonna, Beregond, Berwyn, Bildor, Bofur, Boroda, Brate, Bromen,
Casbaar, Cassius, Chamdin, Chanele, Creed, Crow, Czucz, Dardamein,
Dare, Davvol, Denbarra, Dionysos, Diri, Dracart, Drakon, Dramli,
Draugor, Earth, Einar, Ekkehard, Eldulyn, Elsach, Enkil, Fade,
Fairlight, Fluffy, Fornax, Freya, Gadez, Garban, Gector, Ghwerig,
Gorboth, Goul, Grampal, Gredo, Grim, Hades, Hawk, Hektor, Homestar,
Hrolg, Iliana, Irk, Jakle, Jenya, Karl, Kiara, Knuffel, Krewl,
Ladindell, Laurel, Laurenne, Logg, Madmartigan, Maggie, Marduk,
Mariuz, Mbweha, Merrydock, Miclo, Milan, Milla, Mim, Mirilander,
Morrison, Murus, Myrset, Nellnight, Newton, Nikiel, Nomm, Pally,
Pasha, Penelope, Pharaxes, Phoebe, Pilindiel, Rage, Ragni, Ramirez,
Ravhin, Reginald, Rhynox, Ria, Roen, Sarenkir, Sargon, Serander,
Seren, Shiver, Sirion, Sojiro, Sonnie, Soote, Stern, Syrk, Tarlok,
Thyrus, Tibedoh, Treanna, Trinity, Trutblemma, Ugelplect, Ulath,
Uther, Valdar, Vallimar, Varulg, Vygiz, Wacka, Wasp, Wolverine,
Zabijaka, Zagar, Zap, Zar, Zauhak

Since '95 something something, I erased those that was either wiz'ing or delted/quitted.
Miss Zap mostly, but he's busy solving matemathical matrixes and what not.

It is the fluttering of moths to the flame that amuses me.

05 Sep 2013 09:51
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Joined: 03 Mar 2010 20:51
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mumon wrote:
Bah! Gorboth only remembers youngsters.

I still have Cindy the remembered, and I guess I'm one of the few that remember who, and what, she were :)

Remember her? I restored her sometime around last year! She's back in the game and though she doesn't show up much, I keep in contact with her. ;-)


Mmmmmm ... pie ...

05 Sep 2013 17:21
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Joined: 10 Mar 2010 05:52
Posts: 451
Location: Denmark
I just noticed that Gadez is gone from the game as well. That hurt Avvies feelings :(

Angmar! ANGMAR!! ANGMAR!!!
Pulp Znuga! PULP!!!!

05 Sep 2013 17:50
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Joined: 13 Jun 2010 02:12
Posts: 7
These are the people you remember:
Aizorana, Bale, Balhut, Belegorn, Belladonna, Bertram, Bigg, Bildor,
Bliss, Brate, Brujah, Budwise, Celemir, Celephias, Ceres, Cerlion,
Chade, Chanele, Consola, Creed, Czucz, Deor, Dionysos, Draugor,
Dryden, Dundurs, Ecila, Einar, Felagund, Galen, Gothmog, Goul,
Grampal, Guinevere, Homestar, Hrolg, Illusion, Irk, Kraf, Kuti,
Ladindell, Laurel, Logg, Magnus, Manowar, Mariuz, Maureenanne,
Maximilian, Morti, Nellnight, Nomm, Pasha, Ragni, Rangar, Rex, Rhynox,
Rochan, Rulindal, Shesara, Tarax, Targun, Thane, Thyrus, Torwin,
Tristram, Valandil, Valsavis, Widow, Wolverine, Zabijaka, Zagar

Had to forget half the people who didn't log in for years on end to make room for new additions.

06 Sep 2013 10:22
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These are the people you remember:
Acionyx, Aimee, Alexi, Alyssia, Amaras, Amberlee, Anguloke, Arien,
Armitace, Avarel, Berwyn, Budwise, Cabell, Chanele, Clay, Creed,
Daniel, Draugor, Einar, Ergo, Freya, Ghwerig, Giftig, Glaon, Grampal,
Gredo, Guincho, Guk, Habiki, Hektor, Herenya, Irk, Kas, Kiara,
Kithkanan, Kraf, Krewl, Laurel, Lilli, Madmartigan, Maizara, Marcho,
Mersereau, Mirilander, Nemi, Nitramin, Nomm, Pacal, Prokop, Ragni,
Rhynox, Rugogold, Shawna, Sigurd, Straag, Strider, Stump, Syrk, Tanor,
Teron, Trutblemma, Veronika, Wasp, Wayfarer, Xar, Yevin

Granted i occasionally clean out names that are more than a year old when i need room there are a few ive never been able to drop.


21 Sep 2013 04:30
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Joined: 04 Mar 2010 01:25
Posts: 198
Adriel, Aizorana, Akthar, Aldieb, Aldinach, Alorrana, Alyssia,
Amberlee, Amorana, Anahita, Anfalas, Ant, Aquila, Arcon, Armitace,
Artagel, Avatar, Avathar, Baghil, Bale, Balhut, Barak, Barin, Bast,
Beregond, Bildor, Blake, Blitham, Bofur, Bombur, Brate, Brujah,
Budwise, Calantha, Castaneda, Celephias, Chade, Chanele, Cooper,
Creed, Cromm, Danov, Dar, Darion, Didelith, Dinendae, Dionysos, Diri,
Draugor, Drogyn, Eagledraco, Earth, Ecila, Eldaran, Elita, Ellydar,
Elsach, Emraht, Enelle, Espanto, Fade, Falkor, Fluffy, Fourtcoer,
Freya, Gadez, Garwain, Geldax, Gothmog, Gredo, Grim, Gub, Habiki,
Haderach, Hades, Hawk, Helmut, Hisssss, Houssam, Iliana, Ilrahil,
Jacinda, Juliana, Kithkanan, Kitriana, Krewl, Kuti, Laurel, Lindros,
Logg, Loralein, Lysander, Madmanmat, Madmartigan, Maizara, Manowar,
Marduk, Maureenanne, Maxyz, Milehigh, Milla, Monika, Morrison, Mumon,
Nalfein, Narsus, Nellnight, Newton, Nikiel, Nirnaeth, Nitramin, Nome,
Nomm, Ortguth, Pacal, Padraig, Pally, Pasha, Per, Phoebe, Prokop,
Rage, Rangar, Ravhin, Revril, Rhynox, Rohgar, Rugogold, Rumper, Ryft,
Saioran, Sarenkir, Saya, Seren, Shesara, Slug, Sly, Straag, Syrk,
Tanya, Tarax, Tarlok, Tharizdun, Thyrus, Tikoti, Tletlcoloti, Tosha,
Totty, Treanna, Triss, Varulg, Vile, Windemere, Wolverine, Xar,
Xerxes, Ydred, Zagar, Zingil, Zip, Zizal, Zugzug

The list tends to change now and again when Hektor meets new people interested in the Temples.... for good and for worse :)

Lawful evil - conform or die.

21 Sep 2013 08:14

Joined: 06 Mar 2012 00:14
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Anyone remember Trak? He had some other char aswell... [Moderator: revealing seconds is not allowed] I think, been trying to get him to return to the game, the bastard is stubborn tho :P

21 Sep 2013 22:51
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