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The Cunning of a Cleric 
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This night I had an encounter with a Mage of the tower. It is not often that a golden opportunity presents itself, but when it does, you must do as Holden Caulfield and seize the golden ring.

This evening, while resting in meditation I was startled by a strange voice invading my mind. The words were: I have the one known as Kiara, the alleged mage hunter. Is she worth any ransom to you and yours?

I communicated with my Sister of the Woshippers, and I asked her: Are you okay?
I said unto her: I have just been contacted in a request for ransom for you.

But I was met only with silence. Instead, the same wretched voice invaded my mind: The wretch cannot reply to you. She is under my control at the moment. You may speak to me of her fate.

I communicated again unto my Sister: I know not who controls you, or by what foul magic they do so.

However, again I was met only with the cold voice, each time burning the image of a heavy gold ring into my mind: My guest has indicated that she asked you for skewerstones in Sparkle as you traveled with Jhael last you two spoke. Are you not yet convinced she is in my custody?

I communicated to my Sister, attempting to comfort her: I can only speak to you, as I have no clue who this foul wretched worm who controls you is. I am sure it is the same wraith whom I have encountered on several occasions in Sparkle, but I know not his name... if such filth even have names. I know that you asked me for skewerstones.

I spoke with the Child Jhael, the only other member of the temple awake. I said to her: I have reason to believe our Sister of the Sister Temple is being held captive. I believe it is by some foul wretch of the tower.

The voice invaded my mind again: The kender claims that it will pay back any ransom you are to pay on its behalf. However, where I have not yet heard from you, I believe such a payment is not coming from you.

The response from the Child: Captive? Where? I am on my way to the Temple now. I believe the only Soulless awake at the moment is Celephias.

At this point, I contacted the foul spawn of the tower and communicated: I am told by the Saved one.... The Redeemed one, that you are likely the only Soulless awake. As I know not your name, nor am I better off for knowing so, I assume it is you who invades my mind.
This received the response: Indeed it is. Would you come to rescue your kender?
To this, I communicated only: And what price do you presume to extol, to extort, by means of your foul magic?

The Child, curious, asked: What's going on?
At which point, I responded: The wretch Celephias proposes that I pay a ransom for Kiara...
The Child again, inquired: What ransom has it suggested is required?
And I answered: I am asking what he presumes that I should pay...

Again, the cold voice of Celephias stated: I will confess to not being fully knowledgeable about what a fully functioning kender would fetch these days.

I said aloud: He suggests that he is unknowledgeable about what a 'fully functioning kender' would fetch.
The Child wisely stated: As Master Cleric, I will let you continue ... speaking with it and attempt to keep my thoughts out of the mind of Celephias. I tried to reach out to Kiara. She is hiding somewhere, but I cannot say for certain where. She also has not responded.

I communicated again with the wretch, for a few moments. The exchange went something such as:
I communicated: Ah, the indubitable intelligence of that without a Soul... So keen to extort but not even understanding its own wishes. Chaotic, unlife under the 'eye', is it not?
Celephias said: Would you care to visit to see for yourself? I can understand you wanting to see for yourself.
I communicated: I could solve your problems. You could be redeemed. Absolved of even this wrongdoing.
Celephias said: Perhaps we will talk of other things once our business concerning the kender is concluded.
I communicated: So then, name your price. You have named your terms... A price to be paid for the release of our Sister. What is the price?
Celephias said: Your tarrying may prove fatal for the kender...
I communicated: It is not the fault of my own if in your own grand plan you have neglected to plan for what you seek.

I said unto the Child: The pitiful excuse for existence cannot even decide what it wishes for a price.

I then observed the items which the Temple had in its possession.

The Child asked: He is indecisive? Or pulling you along attempting to make you give an offer?

Within our garbage bin, I noticed several items... a sunny bright yellow ribbon, a ceremonial dagger, a raggedy map, an unfinished scroll, a leather bag, a blue leathery book, a gold key, a small metal can, a stone key, a torch, and... yes... that may be something.

I said to the Child: He wishes me to make an offer, I believe. And I may... Have just the one.

I retrieved a golden ring from the garbage bin, a wild grin spreading over my face. The Child also grinned, and cackled with glee.

The voice of Celephias indeed reached me again. It said: Plan? What plan is needed to ensnare some vermin and try and extract some value for it? It may be worth more sold to the inn for food.

The Child warned: We should be careful, however, with attempts to fool them. Vermin as they may be, they may some way to determine if this is the ring they desire or not.
I replied: Mayhaps they might... But I shall not say whether it is or is not the ring... Merely that I have a golden ring of power...
The Child noded thoughtfully.
I said unto her: The witch in the forest insists that it is. You and I may know it is just her grandmother's ring... However...

I discoursed again briefly with the worm of Morgul. The recount of such conversation is:
I communicated: I am told that the nine seek a golden ring of power... I have a golden ring which was told to me to be of great power. I could offer it unto you. Perhaps it is the ring you seek... perhaps not.
Celephias said: Oh? Such a ring would indeed be valuable were it the right one. If you bring it here we can consummate the transaction. However, should it prove false, you will not leave alive.
Immediately sensing a trap, I communicated: Well... you could certainly inspect the ring... But only when Kiara is free and I have left. I can tell you where to find it. And if you think I shall venture to the tower to hand it to you, you are certainly mistaken.
Celephias said: Your presence, in person, is all I will accept. I can guarantee safe passage if you have what I want.
I communicated: That will not do. Neutral ground only, and I shall see the kender leave before you know where to find the ring. What I have in my possession could certainly be everything the tower seeks, the whole reason for your wretched existence. However, you will never know until you see it. And if the kender dies, the ring shall rest at the bottom of the Sybarun sea. So what will it be? Is the Kender more important than what could be the ring?
Celephias said: You really should show more courage than that. Your friend is here and you will come or she will perish.
I communicated: I certainly wonder what the King of Morgul... the 'great eye' would think of one of its pitiful peons too wrapped up in the petty affairs of Kendermore to pursue what could be the ring of power...

As an aside with the Child broke out:
I said: I offer the wretch a chance at what could be the one ring... He seems set on seeing me in his own place, at his beck and call. I shall not fall to his negotiation that easy. I can see a trap when it is before my face.
The Child said: If you go to the Tower, it will be a one way trip.
The Child frowned worriedly.
I said: Indeed it will. I am not so gullible as the vermin would like to believe.
The Child nodded agreeably and said: I still don't like the way this is going.
I said: Regardless... even if I do not venture to the tower, if I meet this vermin... You will remain here. You will hold my belongings. This is non-negotiable. There is no need for more than one of us to fall should this meeting turn for the worse. While I know you seek the absolution of this wretch as much as I...
The Child protested: But... I can't just stand here.
I said: This is a matter for one who has Mastered the ways of a Cleric of the Temple.
And the Child again protested: What better learning experience than to accompany you on such a trip, then?

Again the voice invaded my mind: Tarry not. Come hence to Minas Morgul and save your friend.

However, I was still discussing things with the Child. I smiled softly at her and brushed a stray lock of dark auburn hair off of her face, then said: I know you are eager, little Sister.
The Child pointed to her whip and said emphatically: Ready, even.

I turned my attention again to the wretch of Morgul:
I communicated: Your repetition does naught to serve your cause. You wish a ransom, I have offered it. You have named your terms, I have named mine. If you do not wish to have a look at what could be what the tower slaves for, then what else can I offer to you. You know how you can receive the ring. If you wish to meet, we shall do so, at the Prancing Pony in Bree. The kender will leave free, as will I. And I will tell you where to retrieve the ring.
Celephias said: There have been many rings passed off as the One Ring. Your unwillingness to represent the ring in person makes the proposition suspect. I would think you would place more value on the life of your friend.
I communicated: Perhaps you should not tarry yourself in your reply. I can travel to Sybarus rather quickly... Or, now that you mention it... There is that bin in Museum that leads to the belly of Mount Doom.
Celephias said: You're bluffing. You realize that once one of the other Nine, or the King return to the tower that your friend most certainly will be tortured and killed.

The Child stated: We have allies who may be willing to assist. Perhaps we can grant this wretch Absolution.
But I discarded this notion mentally. I could not drag others into this. As a Master Cleric of Psuchae, I would see my Sister of the Woshippers saved with no one else hurt, even if it cost me my life.

I communicated again unto Celephias: Ah, but you see... That is because you believe yourself to be in a position of power. But alas, you are not. You have the life of a dear Sister, one wish I will work hard to save. If she is returned to the Cycle, even by the likes of you, then the Five have willed it. However, you... Your one purpose in unlife could be quite ruined with a quick trip to the Museum. You hold no power in these negotiations wretch. I hold everything... Right here... In the palm of my hand.
Celephias replied: The uruks are asking to rend her limb from limb for their stew pot. Her screams are quite....musical.
I communicated: I do hope that you are the one who is bluffing now. This is quite a shiny, precious ring I hold. It would be a shame to see it in the fires of Mount Doom. If she dies, the world over will know that the tower seeks no longer the 'One Ring'. It seeks only the taste of Kender.

A wild grin spread over my face.
The Child listened attentively.
I said to the Child: Certainly not the fabled ring. But he does not know this. A Cleric may be cunning yet.
I beamed joyfully.
I said to her: I have told him, that if he does not meet in the way I have specified, the ring shall go to Mount Doom. And the world over will know that the tower seeks not the 'One Ring'. Only the taste of Kender. I shall post a notice on the board of Sparkle... And all the land will know... Celephias, Wringwraith of Mordor... turned down what may have been the One Ring to stew a kender. Our Sister, whose life I would most certainly like to save... If she cannot be, it is the will of the Five. I have offered our only true plan... We are broke. Our equipment... Nothing to be offered as ransom, certainly. I have naught but this... this one simple ring...
I waved the golden ring around in front of me and said: By which, with cunning, I may save her.

The wretch invaded my mind again: How did you come to be in possession of such a treasure?
I communicated: It was given to me, by an individual in a most unfortunate state, who said unto me that it was a ring of power... great power even. Of what great power, I have no true idea. I certainly do not dabble in 'magic'.
Celephias said: Describe for me this ring....

I studied the golden ring carefully. It was a golden ring. It looked like it was in prime condition. I sensed that the weight was 53 grams and its volume was about 53 milliliters. The golden ring was made to be worn on the left ring finger and on the right ring finger.
I examined another ring in my possession that was much different, and known to be powerful. I noticed that its weight was 24 grams and its volume was about 4 milliliters.

I communicated: It is golden. I suppose it could fit on a finger, but I doubt I will try it on. As I said before, vermin, I do not dabble in magic. It seems a bit heavy to me, for a ring. Certainly twice as much or more than another I have in my possession.

I said to the Child: Ah, if this works, Child, it will be a ruse for the ages. I cannot wait to share this story.

Celephias voice, again, dreadfully ever present in my mind: The petty baubles of your usual decor are a poor comparison for what I seek.
I communicated: Ah, but no, this is not in comparison to a bauble of my decor. This is another well known band, one in possession of the Circle. Believe me, it has weight. See, you attempt to barter and pry information, which reveals unto me that I most certainly have the upper hand. I will say unto you again... You know the terms. We will meet under them, you will receive the ring when they are met. There is no more room for talk, only action. The Kender for the ring? Or shall I visit the bin of Mount Doom.
Celephias said: You have naught. Your bluffs and disregard for your friend's life are obvious. Come here to retrieve her. Unharmed. As time passes so does her life.
I communicated: I am traveling to Sparkle now. The ring, heavy and gold as it may be, shall fall to Mount Doom. The story will be recorded on the Sparkle board. All will know. You have the terms. I have negotiated as much as will be negotiated. The predator does not speak this long to its prey... You have become the exception already.

I said to the Child: He wishes not to negotiate. The predator does not speak to its prey, nor should we tolerate the demands of vermin. He will have until I get to Sparkle to agree to the terms. I will then drop the ring in the bin to Mount Doom. And the story shall be posted on the Sparkle Board for all to see.
The Child nodded understandingly.

I began handing my possessions to the Child. She raised her eyebrow inquisitively.
I said: If I am to tell him where I am going... He can easily await me there.
She replied: Surely, you don't mean for me to stay here?
I said: I do. Again, this is a Matter that I should not allow a Child to become involved in.
She replied: This is the work of the Temple, though. This is why we are here. To face their threat.
I nodded agreeably.
I said: And it is the job of the Masters and Elders to ensure that our Children are here to carry on the work.
The Child continued to protest, stomping her feet angrily on the ground and pouting petulantly.
Finally, however, she stated: You better come back in one piece.
I kissed her on her forehead and said: It will be your turn one day, Child... To look at a Child and say the same. And now I run.

I left for Sparkle. Upon arriving I communicated to Celephias: I am nearing my journey's completion. You have mere minutes to respond, or the ring shall fall into the fires of Mount Doom. Will a member of the tower let a lead such as this slip through his grasp?

I arrived at the Museum and started the long trudge up the stairs. I got to the escalator and continued into the Museum. I found the bin of Mount Doom but still had not heard from the wretch.

I communicated to him: I stand now at the mountain shaped bin. I hold the ring above it. I will let it go in mere moments. Will you really sacrifice it for a Kender?
The wretch replied: I believe we have an accord. Shortly.
I communicated: Then I will await word that you have brought the Kender to the Prancing Pony. And I will meet you there.
The wretch replied: I am on my way.

Suddenly I received word from my Sister of the Worshippers. She had been freed, but she had been unable to speak with me previously. She stated that she had to make a trade of her own and was going to collect and deliver the items.

I received another invasion from Celephias: Well?
I communicated: Well... What exactly? It appears as though you have negotiated your price with the Kender for her life.
I communicated: It is interesting that one of the tower would trade the ring for what was negotiated...
Celephias said: My arrangement with you is not dependent on hers. Hers is the gravy, yours is the arrangement. Are you reneging on your side of the deal?
I communicated: Certainly not. She said she was free, I understood that meant you'd found your own. But I will be there soon.

I quickly ventured back to the temple and gathered a few preparations. I said to the Child: I must be quick. I shall see you shortly.

I then departed and left posthaste for the Shire.

I continued to hear from my Sister of the Worshippers and I communicated with her about the ransom that was sought. I asked her to let me know when she had delivered the items in question.

I received a communication from the Child, in which she suspected I may be headed for a trap. She knew Kiara had been freed. I responded that I had to see through my portion of the deal, or Kiara may be killed when she returns with the potions.

Arriving at the crossroads, I put the golden ring into the grass behind the sign. I readied myself and went to the Prancing Pony, where I encountered the wraith. However, immediately he began using his sinister magic. I walked away and quickly communicated to him that such was not our deal. He informed me that he was merely communicating with my compatriot.

As I re-entered the area, I received another communication from the Child. She said that she was worried that it may still be a trap. But I had prepared... The ring was not in the room with me, and he knew not where it was. If I were dead, he would not receive it.

Celephias hissed to me: Ah, there you are...
I smiled disdainfully at the black-robed hooded male wraith.
A friendly freckle-faced female faerie fluttered down from above and landed on the black-robed hooded male wraith's shoulder, handing him a rolled up scroll.
I said: There I am, indeed.

Kiara communicated to me that she was safe.

Celephias hissed: The kender is freed.  Where is the ring?
I said: The Kender is safe. I know that now.
Celephias hissed: Indeed.  As I stated.
I said: If you wish to find the ring... You may find it... In the 'behind sign' at Crossroads. And with that, I bid you farewell. Do not invade my mind again... It will be the last time if so.

I made a slight nod with my head, and then quickly departed, not wishing to be nearby when the wraith discovered my cunning. Finding a quiet spot in the shire, I kissed the gem in my stomach thrice until at last I was taken home.

Once there, I found the Child, waiting patiently.
I smiled softly.
She hugged me close as only a member of the Circle can.
I said: Back to you in one piece. The fake ring delivered.
She said: I was worried sick.

Celephias again invaded my mind: The ring is not to be found. Is this the measure of your dishonor?
I communicated: If you are unable to stand at the sign... 'examine behind sign' and 'get ring from behind sign' then I am unsure what to tell you. Perhaps... Perhaps... The tower should train vermin to be more aware.
Celephias replied: Be still with your tongue, wretch. It had slipped out of view. As for me invading your thoughts - I will do so as I please. You will ultimately serve me.

I simply ignored the vermin.

Kiara and I shared a brief conversation before she rested:
She said: Gotta nap now. But this surely was an interesting day.
I replied: Rest well. I am glad I could help to free you.
She said: You could? He said you had nothing to offer for my release.
I said: The wretch lies. I have traded him precisely what he requested. The ring that I described to you.
She said: Whaat? How come I gave him the items then? Oh my. Well, we talk later! Gotta nap! And thanks. I did not know you did strike a deal... heh... sneaky mages.

I said to the Child: The wretch still invades my thoughts... But our Sister is free and safe... And so am I, and so are you Child. Blessed be to the Five.
I looked up into the sky and called out for the power of Psuchae to guide me forth.
The Child said: Praised Be.

Celephias one last time, entered my mind: And the ring was rubbish, but I am sure you knew that already.

A wild grin spread over my face as I repeated: 'And the ring was rubbish, but I am sure you knew that already.'
The Child grinned merrily and threw her head back and cackled with glee!

(Edited only to group up a side conversation at the beginning.)

Zhar wrote:
"Man, this guild I'm in is so god damn powerful! Please nerf or I'll have to leave it because it's no fun any more..."

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24 Dec 2013 08:04
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Seriously... Hats off to you, Celephias. That was a boatload of fun. Not sure how fun it was for Kiara, and I'd love to see that side of the logs. But having participated in my first ever Genesis hostage negotiation...

That was epic.

Zhar wrote:
"Man, this guild I'm in is so god damn powerful! Please nerf or I'll have to leave it because it's no fun any more..."

24 Dec 2013 08:23

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Cool :) well done both of you

It is the fluttering of moths to the flame that amuses me.

24 Dec 2013 08:36

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This was super good fun. Kiara and Becka also deserve a lot of credit for the scene. Kiara never broke role while being detained for a long time and Becka was up very late. The RP seemed to have a gravity all its own - very nice.

So many questions still though:
- Why let Kiara live?
- Why fall for what is most likely a hoax regarding a conveniently available ring?
- Why not take the opportunity kill Amorana with what could have been an easy trap opportunity?


24 Dec 2013 17:48

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Amorana wrote:
Seriously... Hats off to you, Celephias. That was a boatload of fun. Not sure how fun it was for Kiara, and I'd love to see that side of the logs. But having participated in my first ever Genesis hostage negotiation...

That was epic.

Oh I had the most fun in Genesis I've had in a long while too. I dont think anyone involved saw that one coming.

I will tell the story from my point of view as soon as I have time. It's quite interesting.

I think the title will be "How to survive being shackled to a chair in the throne room of Minas Morgul and live to tell the story - for dummies".

24 Dec 2013 17:51

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Celephias wrote:
This was super good fun. Kiara and Becka also deserve a lot of credit for the scene. Kiara never broke role while being detained for a long time and Becka was up very late. The RP seemed to have a gravity all its own - very nice.

So many questions still though:
- Why let Kiara live?
- Why fall for what is most likely a hoax regarding a conveniently available ring?
- Why not take the opportunity kill Amorana with what could have been an easy trap opportunity?


And why did I not just let you kill me without penalty instead of giving up my loot... hmm...

24 Dec 2013 17:54
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Adorable play!

Definitely /popcorn event.

Might and Glory flaming for changing dawn, ancient power revealed of an iron crown, clear and cold and shining so far and bright, crush the world in one clash of your binding light.

Gû kîbum kelkum-ishi, burzum-ishi. Akha - gûm-ishi ashi gurum!

24 Dec 2013 17:55
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Celephias wrote:
This was super good fun. Kiara and Becka also deserve a lot of credit for the scene. Kiara never broke role while being detained for a long time and Becka was up very late. The RP seemed to have a gravity all its own - very nice.

So many questions still though:
- Why let Kiara live?
- Why fall for what is most likely a hoax regarding a conveniently available ring?
- Why not take the opportunity kill Amorana with what could have been an easy trap opportunity?


Jhael does too. She stuck it out and was the good Child, holding my stuff despite wanting to rush off to attack you. :) I didn't even hold a qarraba when we met. :-D Not that you knew that from looking at me. :lol:

Zhar wrote:
"Man, this guild I'm in is so god damn powerful! Please nerf or I'll have to leave it because it's no fun any more..."

24 Dec 2013 18:12
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That was the most fun I've had in years reading an RP log. Well done, everyone. If there were an Actor's guild, I think we'd have found our founding members.

24 Dec 2013 18:19

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Dont have time to pen down my story right now, but here's a short excerpt! The whole thing lasted for two hours I think...

I was investigating the throne room in Minas Morgul, when I decided to sit in a chair. A chair I maybe should not have sat down in... Suddenly a wraith arrived and strapped me to the chair!

Here's a small part of how things looked from my side of things:)


Hopeless ... it is all hopeless ... your will to even attempt most things now
is completely sapped. If only the Nazgul would show you mercy ... You do feel
you still have powers of speech if there is anything you wished to <say> to
your captors.
The black-robed hooded male wraith hisses: We shall see if your rescue is

You say: Great. I really need to use the bathroom. Like... now.
The black-robed hooded male wraith hisses: Your pants will suffice.

Suddenly the air feels heavier to breathe as the black-robed hooded male wraith
draws power from the realm of shadows.
Employing Dark Sorcery, the black-robed hooded male wraith casts a spell.

You say: What ransom are you asking for?
The black-robed hooded male wraith hisses: Let us see what they think you are
worth first.
The air stirs and feels heavier to breathe as the black-robed hooded male
wraith draws power from the realm of shadows.

You say: They are my sisters... so... something I hope!
The black-robed hooded male wraith's eyes flicker with dark amusement like
brightly glowing embers.

A tiny elven nymph dragon mysteriously appears, lands on your shoulder tickling
your neck with her tail and you retrieve a scroll from her.

You say: Well nice of them to send scrolls..
You say: But you know..
You say: They could send a bathroom if the really wanted to help!
Someone hisses: I suspect they are hard to read.

You say: A little..
You say: Oh now its dark too. Great.
You say: Could you pick up a herb from my pouch and put it in my mouth?
You say: Or wait, no, just light a lamp.
You say: Thats easier.
You say: Hello?
You say: You still here?
You say: HELLO??
Someone hisses: It may be better for you to have a little light.
You say: Oh there you are
You say: Dont leave me here in the dark.
You say: Hello?
You say: HELLO??!
You say: Did you hear a sound?
Someone hisses: You will be in dark for a time.
You say: There you are.

The darkness dissipates.
A black-robed hooded male wraith arrives from the northeast.

The black-robed hooded male wraith drops a burning iron oil-lamp.

You say: Oh thats better.
You say: Thank you.
You say: I can inform you the bathroom problem is no longer a problem by the
The black-robed hooded male wraith watches the shadows trace menacingly on
the wall as he stalks about, robe flowing/

You say: Sorry about the... mess.
The black-robed hooded male wraith hisses: It is to be expected.

You say: It wasnt out of fear.
You say: I just.. drank a lot before coming..
You say: You got a towel?
You say: Maybe I could sit in another chair?
The black-robed hooded male wraith hisses: Your clothing appears to be
collecting it nicely.
You say: Hm yeah...
The black-robed hooded male wraith paces back and forth slowly, smiling

You say: Lets change the subject.
You say: They coming?
You say: I am sure they're gathering a force to break me free.
You say: So you better release me
The black-robed hooded male wraith hisses: It would appear they value you
little at the moment.

24 Dec 2013 18:36
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