Morgul mage inside Gladiator guild.

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Morgul mage inside Gladiator guild.

Post by Mim » 17 May 2019 11:30


A name I saw for the first time in many many years showed up in WHO list.
I will not tell what name it is, it may embarras the player if (s)he is the same.

Many many years ago, Mim back then was a Gladiator.
For some reason elected to be High Overseer.
There was a 'rogue' Gladiator who had been 'taken care of' once by the mages of Minas Morgul, and now he was on a revenge tour, always trying to annoy them or perhaps get a kill on one of the smaller ones.

One day, this Glad was running inside the Gladiator guild, and behind him came no one less than the head mage.
The Nazgul boss.

There was Mim, Mozart and I belive Anfalas, who watched amazed when the hunt was happening inside our guild.

Now you may think we should have attacked that mage who so rudely attacked inside our home.
And yes, this situation was quite strange and most likely we should have protected the guild at all cost.
Still, those days, even three quite big players and head gladiators would have been toast for breakfast for that mage.
The 'balance' back then was a bit off, or at least that is how it was thought.

It ended when the mage stopped for a while and we told him to leave. Which he did.
Felt quite wimpy, but as stated, it was a weird situation, where the rouge Glad had asked for it, and tried to hide for their wrath.

I wonder if he is going to go the same stuff this time again, or if it is a new plyer?
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Re: Morgul mage inside Gladiator guild.

Post by Carmon » 21 May 2019 08:18

i like this story!

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