Ilrahil, Draugor

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Re: Ilrahil, Draugor

Post by Makfly » 09 Jun 2011 22:37

Well, I don't think Ilrahil is totally gone from the forum at least, if anyone wants to get in contact with him.

But I think there is tons of other players that are more deserving of being immortalized through an NPC in-game*, so it's probably a can of worms the Wizards shouldn't open :)

*The statue of an angry, angry male goblin as a Raffe memorial comes to mind.
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Re: Ilrahil, Draugor

Post by Cherek » 10 Jun 2011 00:06

From what Draugor told me the reason to ask for delation was mainly to not become tempted to log in again. Ilrahil has given similar reasons from what I have heard.

So no need to assume they wanted to make some big statement, if they wanted, would we not have heard about it by now?

I can completely understand how you'd want to do other things instead of feeling the pressure of XP lost every hour you are not awake here. :)

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