What does your character name say about him/her

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Re: What does your character name say about him/her

Post by Taro » 08 Mar 2016 23:44

Was going to start up Genesis again, been about a year since I last played. I was watching a video with a group of people playing a RPG called Paranoia. There was a character named Tarlow who did a really good job RPing. I cut out some letters. That and the fact I had a D&D character named Taro I had been running a bit.
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Re: What does your character name say about him/her

Post by Kitriana » 09 Mar 2016 01:29

I don't really recall how I came up with the name... as its so different than my first character or my "air thief".

But at one point I envisioned it being pronounced K'riana .. where the T was actually silent .. or almost like an h sound. (Mostly because I hate when people call her Kit or Kitty for short). And I also like how it was reminiscent of the name Rhianna.
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Re: What does your character name say about him/her

Post by Dhez » 09 Mar 2016 14:32

Dhez comes from Proto-Albanian roots and used to mean 'to burn',
nowadays an albanian verb meaning 'to light', 'to kindle'. Its
inspiration came from a long time 'Dark Souls' fan friend of ours
from albania who passed away fighting a war that wasn't his.

The topic of the bonfires and souls in a world of darkness such
as the one in which 'Dark Souls' takes place was always of great
interest to us. We worked together on short stories and paintings
exploring this theme. The name symbolizes the eternal burning of
his soul's presence through us living our lives as 'persons' in a
world full of 'people'.
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Re: What does your character name say about him/her

Post by Emmiline Calaith » 17 Jun 2017 03:37

I had about five or six tabs open, all containing sites of long lists of "medieval girl names", according to their titles. I scrolled through names for about forty minutes, I knew I wanted something that was feminine, elegant and uncommon, but at the same time had the potential to be pretty badass as well, because my intention was to have her be an Amazon/Dragon Order Monk.

I had narrowed it down to mostly E names, because the ones listed on the sites were the closest to what I was looking for, the top two being "Evelyn" and "Emma". I decided on Emma, however when I typed in the name, the game said it was unavailable. So, I returned to the tab where I had found Emma and Evelyn so I could decide whether I liked the spelling of Evelyn or not. It was then I noticed a name I'd accidentally glanced over in my haste to find one in the first place, "Emeline". I absolutely loved the name Emeline ever since I first heard it when meeting one of my sibling's friends a few years back.

After looking up its meaning, I found the name meant "labor" in Old German, which worked well because I wanted to have a character with a past that caused her to become tough. The alternate spelling of Emeline was the French spelling "Emmeline", which had been derived from the German root. I decided I wanted her name to be unique spelling-wise as well, so I changed it to "Emmiline".
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Re: What does your character name say about him/her

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 17 Jun 2017 11:14

My first character was a whimsical name Boboo, first thing that came into my head after spending a good 3 seconds thinking about it. Was just checking out what this Genesis thing was and needed a name, I'm not sure why Yogi bears little friend popped up first. As I got really into it I started to hate the name cus I didn't feel like an immortal stated (b4 supreme existed) gladiator with the image of boo-boo bear taunting me in the back of my head. Human char cus of a similar lack of imagination and noobness.

And before u think ahh how cute..

Reason anything to do with it was still in my head was the rugby song.
U make up rude verses as u go.
Something along the lines of
I know a bear that you wont know, Yogi, Yogi,
I know a bear that you wont know, Yogi Yogi bear.
Yogi Yogi bear!! Yogi Yogi bear!!
I know a bear that you wont know, Yogi Yogi bear.

Yogi's got a girlfriend bear, Suzie, Suzie,
Yogi's got a girlfriend bear, Suzie Suzie bear
Suzie Suzie bear!! Suzie Suzie bear!!
Yogi's got a girlfriend bear, Suzie Suzie bear.

Suzie she likes whips and chains, kinky, kinky,
Suzie she likes whips and chains, she's kinky bear.
shes's kinky bear!! she's kinky bear!!
Suzie likes whips and chains, she's kinky bear.

Suzie shaves her pubic hairs, grizley, grizley,
Suzie shaves her pubic hairs, she's a grizley bear.
She's a grizley bear!! She's a grizley bear!!
Suzie shaves her pubic hairs, she's a grizley bear.

Yogi's knob is long and green, cue cum, cue cum,
Yogi's knob is long and green he's a cue cum bear.
He's a cucumbear!! He's a cucumbear!!
Yogi's knob is long and green he's a cucumbear.

Yogi's got a cheesey knob, camin, camin
Yogi's got a cheesey knob, he's a camin bear.
He's a camin bear!! He's a camin bear!!
Yogi's got a cheesey knob, he's a camin bear.

Boo Boo turnes up with his friends, gang bang, gang bang,
Boo Boo turns up with his friends, he's a gang bang bear.
He's a gang bang bear!! He's a gang bang bear!!
Boo Boo turns up with his friends, he's a gang bang bear.

When gen had a stat change, nerfing all mortals stats to rebalance content I quit in disgust.

A few years later I came back and knew I wanted to start from scratch and be an AA goblin cus the idea of being a general pain in the ass and a big bad like Monika appealed to me greatly. So I thought about how the name would sound and be like to live with, wanted something goblin sounding. I thought about going for a really long convoluted name because of player killing advantages, takes Ppl longer to type etc
But when I thought goblin name I was stuck thinking short stunted harsh sounds.

After running these around for a while it was with the thoughts of ppl chanting Tar Ax! TaR Ax!! TAr aX!!! That he was born.
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Re: What does your character name say about him/her

Post by Avarel » 18 Jun 2017 02:23

About time I posted here. I have been meaning to for a while.

Avarel is based on "avar" which is quenya for "to deny". The "el" at the end is a common quenya nomative form turning a word into a name. So Avarel is a nomative form meaning "denier" or "denial". I deny the power of the East. I chose the name as it would fit well into the world of Middle-earth, and define what I wanted the character to be.
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Re: What does your character name say about him/her

Post by Sibbedidenn » 21 Jul 2017 20:43

Sib B'edidenn (Buh-Eddie-Den)

His name doesn't say much, at least in any association with a realm. He like many of us was familiar with the ancient lore. That of the world being ring shaped, tasty as hell, and thickly glazed. The creator being more fond of pastry baking than creating. And something about always having to be thankful to some fat-**s kid who stole some doughnuts... because without that selfless act we would not be here. ...

Well Sib always thought F**K THAT S**T (sic), and he brooded and dreamed until his old age, accomplishing little more than earning a breakneck salary at a Crunchy Cream, the local Do(ugh)-nut shop [the spelling always being under contention in the owner's mind, he would make Sib climb a rickety ladder and change the heavy sign daily, to Sib's contention ... though he never verbalized it.], and whittling his life away one sharp sentence at a time "... would you like your daily free donut ..." "... you have two left in the box ..." "... arabica, French, decaf or try our newest flavor, CULTivar. You'll. It'll. It'll make you join a cult, yeah. ..." "... Me personally, well, I like the sprinkles. ..."

So it goes.

Somebody had mercy on Sib. Specifically, one of the Transcendental Wizards, the Arch of Dough-nut Shop Workers, Eddie. Which in fact is what explains the second half of Sib's name, and what justifies this being in the name instead of backstory section. Eddie was slow and he ate lower beings but he would pronounce, be Eddie's dinner, B'edidenn. He was cursed though as all of the Transcendental Wizards were, like their distant ancestor what they loved to eat most was taken away from them, and their hunger was never satisfied. He tried, oh he tried; in what seemed like a hundred years in Sib's time he was eaten over and over, reformed - re-deformed in the acid of Eddie's stomach only to be eaten again. Finally, as these tend to do, Eddie grew tired of the flavor of those in their 50s like old Sib and decided finally to update Sib's first path. So they went, him and Eddie, to the Arch of Relocations in the interdimensional branch of the Transcendental Wizard headquarters:

"Eddie been a long time. What? Hundred? Two?" said the AoR
"IG'gtagetDissome...ehhh wear" said Eddie
"No problem, you know what I handle on my end. I just need a name." said the AoR
Eddie looked at Sib for what might've been decades. Finally noticed his perfectly reformed and pristine name tag he blurted "Sib".
"Okay, last?" asked the AoR
"His last name."
"hmm, um"
"Come on Ed. every time, every time through the eons. What is his last ****** name?" asked the AoR
Sib tried to speak, he tried to say simply "Reese" it was Reese! But Eddie just kept mumbling "Ugh" ... "MaBeU'af".
"Come on!" shrieked the AoR after hours of the insanity."If I asked his name in your Pre-K class, WHAT WOULD IT BE EDDIE. WHAT WOULD IT BE!?!'' He Screamed out " WHO IS HE!!!"
"E B'edidenn"
The AoR sat down, adjusted his robes, and began typing on his computer:

The AoR looked over the monitor and appraised Sib in a dismissive glance.
He caught wind of something foul in the air, hesitating, peeking at Sib - he returned to his entry.
SMACK* "When will they upgrade these infernal things, I thought you were slow Ed. I am trapped in the 90s!" said the AoR. SMACK* He continued, "All right, the... independently established yet surprisingly powerful and technologically advanced local wizard branch will take care of you and teach you all you need to know once you arrive. No questions. And you will not remember much but vague ramblings and your name from your inter-experience. Side effects include mumbling, incessant foul language, touretts of the middle finger, and slightly being a dirty-old-man. ... Hmm, why they are advanced. They seem to be in the 2010s, interesting. Lucky you. And. One more thing, Do consider magic... A solitary life would be good for your, disposition." As he flared his nostrils and adjusted himself in his seat, the AoR pushed the final ENTER button on Sib he ever would. And that was that.

Addendum: as for my back story once I began to call the realms my home, coming soon, or whatever. But in leaving, as he was taken, he was sneaking one of his favorite dough nuts. It staled in that hundred years with Eddie but he carries it with him still. He is most secretive about showing it around, but if you ask him he will tell you the flavor.

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Re: What does your character name say about him/her

Post by nils » 21 Jul 2017 21:46

Found a picture of the original Nils.
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Re: What does your character name say about him/her

Post by mallor » 25 Jul 2017 18:40

So I had this first char of mine, who ended up FUBAR, so I rerolled. I went to MT library and got the list of all MT kings. Picked a name randomly, and Mallor was born. True heir of Isildur BTW, and captain of AA! Oh the irony!

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Re: What does your character name say about him/her

Post by Luma » 16 Nov 2017 07:36

Luma comes from the French and Spanish words for the moon (lune and luna respectively). I changed the "n" to an "m" for originality sake. My character is a Noldor elf (with close ties to the moon and stars) and wishes to serve Solinari (his symbol is the silver moon). The Greek goddess Artemis is the goddess of the moon, forests, the hunt, and archery whom the character of Luma was also based off of.

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