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What does your character name say about him/her 
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Alexi was a vampire pretty much since the conception of the character. My second, and I was looking through all the Ravenloft books which I have read so many countless times that the pages are brittle. I came across the main character in Shadowborn and really liked the name and the concept of the character. Good person who is cursed and to be evil pretty much..

19 Sep 2013 18:40

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mumon wrote:
Also, wouldn't this thread fit better in the Character Backgrounds section ? :)

Indeed it does! I did not consider it. Thanks for pointing that out, and thanks to the helpful admin who moved it :-)

I'm loving the thread. It's pointing out a lot of things which are very interesting (spent some time clicking through different zen links, Mumon!)

19 Sep 2013 22:19
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Snowrose, was my first online RP character ever back in 95, I was told to pick a "Fantasy" name and had not had much experience with d&d or elves at the time i had read the hobbit like 5 times for school since every time we moved (which was a lot) the new school was always reading the hobbit romeo and Juliet and Pygmalion. I had them pretty much memorized by the end of HS.

So "snowrose" was the name of a little white unicorn i had as a child. In modern rp i Name Snow Lossmeril which is the sinderin translation for snowrose. I sign my Posts Lossmeril in genesis as well but since you cant really change your name in genesis without a big hassle I just rp it as she tells NON elves her name is snowrose since she feels they will not pronounce her actual name correctly and probably call her Lost Mary or something silly.

I also find it a bit annoying you cant alter your descriptive adjectives conveniently when i started snow i gave her red hair cause coppery-hair auburn hair wasnt an option now a days with the hair salon you can set your hair that way much more conviently. If i had her description to do over id avoid any hair/eye/skin coloration probably pick noble-curvaceous or something to be better fitting of her noldor elfness.

These are the issues when you end up playing a character for 20 years or so. what seems cute or funny at 17 is not so much fun when your 37.


19 Sep 2013 23:54
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Know what you mean Snowrose :P

The views posted by me on this forum is not the views of the character Amberlee in-game.
If you ask for my opinion here, you will get MY opinion, not that of my character.

20 Sep 2013 00:19

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Rhianna- welsh (I think) for maiden.
For my first character here on Genesis I thought it would be a perfect fit. Young and not knowing much about the world around them. ;)

20 Sep 2013 01:39

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Rhianna wrote:
Rhianna- welsh (I think) for maiden.
For my first character here on Genesis I thought it would be a perfect fit. Young and not knowing much about the world around them. ;)

Ahh, but for some reason it's so hard not to think of...


25 Apr 2014 09:42
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Avatar was inspired by the Ultima games, Liriel from books by Elaine Cunningham and Deirae was pulled from thin air.

Gorath was inspired by a character from the Krondor game series.

Ah yes, Myrill, my very first character was also taken from my unstable mind.

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28 Apr 2014 13:06

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Caw's name was initially inspired by the name of Winona Ryders character in Alien Resurrection (turned out her name was actually Call). But was further influenced by the raven who's call it mimics and the raven place in mythology, specifically Norse mythology.

28 Apr 2014 18:39
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The ideas behind Berwyn are pikemen of Dale/Esgaroth and a family line of Bard and Bran.
I made up a name that would match these names, and even created the father of Berwyn, Branwyn; )
So I was quite happy in the beginning with the occupational Thornlin Militia, because it matched my character and was a complete coincidence. I can't remember reading through Genesis website before character creation.

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29 Apr 2014 15:17

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My name was initially "Farton" (yes, your suspicions about the origin would be correct). I was playing nethack and stinking it up, so I started calling all of my restarts "Farton the Furious". When I was introduced to Gen (a reluctant player) by a friend, I just mindlessly went with "Farton".

I became hooked quickly, and started hobnobbing in Calathin with the mystics. While my demeanor seemed to be harmonious with the guild, the name wouldn't fly. "Farton" was flushed and "Celephias" was born. I got the name from the same friend who introduced me into the game, but accidentally transposed the letters 'i' and 'a'. He intended for me to use the Lovecraft reference "Celephais".

03 May 2014 03:13
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