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What does your character name say about him/her
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Author:  sylphan [ 17 Nov 2017 23:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: What does your character name say about him/her

Sylphan is a drow who has decided to leave the Underdark to pursue a life on the surface. She loves forests, which offer refuge from the intense light of the sun (to which her eyes are still adjusting) as well as from the heavily trafficked roads and cities (which she is learning to enjoy in small doses). Her name reflects this love, as "sylvan" means relating to trees and forests. Sylphan is a combination of "sylvan" and "sylph," which is a thin, graceful woman or girl. This fits Sylphan because she is graceful, slender, and young. Also, I just really like the way it sounds.

Author:  Alteor [ 13 Dec 2017 21:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: What does your character name say about him/her

One of my usual names is... Augustus.

But people think it is a reference to Emperor Augustus, and in games were copying celebrity names is forbidden, they don't let it... Thus, I started to use Altheor as alternative name in those games.

Genesis for some reason already had Altheor and some other variations registered.

But "Alteor" (without the h) was free.

Later when I decided my character was Dunedain, there was the nice coincidence that "Aelthor", that resemble Altheor, was a valid Dunedain name, and made perfect sense.

So I decided my character is Aelthor, and registered as Alteor with lars due to bureaucratic reasons... (well, and it is true, as I said, Altheor was sadly already taken).

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