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How to build a new character? 
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Joined: 09 Nov 2015 23:56
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I'd like to hope I'm alright at crafting a good character just in general, but I was wondering about Genesis specific tips. I want to roleplay but I don't know what to do for background, motivation etc!

23 Nov 2015 23:56
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Joined: 16 Nov 2014 23:10
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What you like

Issue with gen, like all rpg, is if you create a background about being awesome at something... Because practically you suck at it, untill you gain lvls(size)

And if you do what you feel is good roleplaying, and other tell you its bad.. they suck!

There are many ways to attack the online/RL persona and people do it very differently. I joined worshippers, a guild devoted to elemetals, so i use the calling of my lady gu as an excuse when i get called away RL, by my diety... Daughter mostly :-)

Do it the way, where you have fun.

24 Nov 2015 09:03
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Joined: 17 Feb 2015 22:43
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Genesis is vast, there are many lands and many opportunities to determine your path.

I'd suggest first on who you are. Not who you want to be, but who your player is/was before beginning this adventure:

- Where do they come from
- Who was their family and what was their upbringing
- Did they have a specific trade or a specific talent
- Did something happen in their life to set them on this journey

Remember, in Genesis you are essentially on an adventure. While you can have crafts and hobbies to pass the time, you will eventually find an occupation (occ guild) and devote yourself there. Things may change in your path forward, but having a solid background and knowing who you character actually is will help you define how they will act and associate with others.

Once you find that occupational guild your approach may change depending if you are a Morgul Mage or a Knight of Solamnia. But, until then, rely on your past.

24 Nov 2015 16:21
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Joined: 16 Nov 2014 23:10
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Good points Mirandus :-)

24 Nov 2015 19:20
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Joined: 04 Mar 2010 04:36
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I sucked at RP when I was new here, I'd like to think it became better eventually, but I've always struggled with knowing what and how to RP.

I personally have always found it easiest to base my RP on my race / guild choices. So if you want to get some help with RP there are some guilds and races that probably are easier to RP than others.

Ogres is probably the easiest to RP, since the race and guild guild itself forces you to RP "big and dumb" whether you like it or not.:) Although I would not recommend ogres until you become a more experienced player. It's tough race to play with some big benefits but also many drawbacks.

Hobbits, kenders and gnomes also give you a lot from the start. Kenders are for example usually carefree creatures out looking for adventure with a smile on their face, and an interest in shiny things and what other people have in their pockets. Hobbits, well anyone who has read or seen the movies probably has a good idea on how to RP a typical hobbit.

A violent but not-so-bright goblin, or a stubborn dwarf are also typical RP choices of course.

A human I think is harder, as a you dont get anything "for free" with your race choice.

Same with guilds, if you pick one with an interesting and clear theme, it's easier to RP it than if you pick a guild that does not have a clear theme, history or goals, etc. These guilds have other benefits of course, but then you'll have to figure out the RP part yourself.

For example, if I say "pirate" everyone has an idea how a pirate is and acts. So it you get a lot of free RP help there. While if I say "mercenary" it's much more open for interpretation, and you don't get all that much RP help really.

I always think it's harder when you got too many options. "You can be anything!". Great, but _anything_ is a lot of choices. By narrowing down your RP choices with your race and guild selections, it might be easier to come up with who to be. Then you could of course go _against_ the typical RP cliché of your race, and play a grumpy kender, or a smart goblin. It's probably easier to start with the clichés though. Or so I have felt at least.

So if I were you I would probably think about which race seems the most fun to RP, then create a little background like Mirandus suggested, and when you know what race you are and where you come from, add guild RP to the mix.

That's my advice!

25 Nov 2015 04:55

Joined: 09 Nov 2015 23:56
Posts: 3
Thanks for the tips guys! I do just worry about creating a backstory without knowing too much of the world's history, but I guess I should end up learning it with time.

26 Nov 2015 04:17
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