Hints not solutions, please

Need help with quests? Maybe just some advice on which guilds to choose? This is the forum for you. Note that you must be a validated player to view this forum. (Note: Quest help should come in the form of helpful suggestions/hints, but not direct solutions/walkthrough info.)
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Hints not solutions, please

Post by gorboth » 15 Oct 2014 15:59

Hi Everyone,

The game does not forbid the use of quest runthroughs by players. But, we do discourage outright solutions or walkthroughs being given on the newbie line, posted on public boards, or here on the official forum. If a player asks about needing help on the quest, please feel free to help them by posting or offering hints and suggestions. But do not simply post exactly what they need to do. That will be deleted, as it is not in the spirit of what we wish to see.


[Note: I'm making this a sticky and locking it. I've also updated the header on this section of the forum to reflect this info.]
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