best way to get black book signatures

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Re: best way to get black book signatures

Post by Zestana » 14 Jan 2016 03:54

Mystina wrote:Ok, I'm a but of a completions so want to get it done before I move on, and honestly unsure where to quest. But I wanna figure that out for myself. I just want to complete this quest first.

I did give feedback about being a fresh player, I hope it gets looked at. I very much enjoying myself outside this quest.

Thanks for the tips everyone.
You asked for advice... people have given it... move on and take the book with you. You will eventually acquire the signatures you need. If you take the approach to get it done before you move onto anything else you will go nowhere fast. If you found your way to Mithas i bet you could acquire all the signatures in one day.
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Re: best way to get black book signatures

Post by gold bezie » 14 Jan 2016 10:44

Yes its not smart to try to finish this quest first. If you need a good starters quest ive heard there is an elf in a house in green oaks who needs honey. You have to read everything and search around green oaks to find some trees to climb. Bring a knife. There is no shame in asking where quests start, there is even an orb in sparkle to help you with it.

As a reaction on syrk: yes he is right.... i mean that most people who have a +behind their name are experienced enough to sign a book. Except for those who have second characters in game (like Ody is talking about) who can do quest so easy because they have done it before and who do so much runs with elder in faerun that they loose their newby pin in a very short time.
If you have one character and do every quest for the first time, than its a lot different!

Most people who decide to wear their pin to help others on the newbyline, are willing to help you out for sure.

But its up to you if you want to take advices or not. As long as you have fun in the game.
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Re: best way to get black book signatures

Post by Mystina » 15 Jan 2016 03:53

Ya, I'm still new to the social aspect or the game, kinda outa my element as most mud that I played prior had all solo quests bad you started in a guild already.

I love the fact that this game has such an old school vibe, my only concern is how to do the quest since my play times are sporadic due to playing on a tablet I also play ff14 as well.

So I'm still learning how to network and wanted advice about this quest.

I'm happy to have a lot of good advice, and I am starting to explore around more killed a few kretans the stuff se of calia.

I'm proud of myself for holding my own bare fisted no less.

This game is just so awesome so much adventure here. Feels like legend of Zelda. The first one.

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Re: best way to get black book signatures

Post by Wurtan » 30 Oct 2018 16:38

I know this is an old post, but I thought I'd post this here just in case it helps someone else.

I found a surefire easy way to complete this quest. At the moment the Halloween scavenger hunt event is going on. So I sat myself in the skull in Sparkle and every time someone entered to check an item I asked them to sign my book. I got all 10 of my signatures in less then 45 minutes!
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