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Re: newbie intro and questiions

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 02:12
by Aerylina-leafschade
Sorta, that's a lot of places to go to, just don't wanna end up dead in a ditch from going the wrong way lol.

Re: newbie intro and questiions

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 02:50
by Mayobe
Aerylina-leafschade wrote:Sorta, that's a lot of places to go to, just don't wanna end up dead in a ditch from going the wrong way lol.
Be bold. The death penalty isn't that serious, especially when you're small and still have free access to orc temple.

Re: newbie intro and questiions

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 11:34
by Aerylina-leafschade
Death is death, I come from playing games with not much a penalty outside the game over screen.

Outside the tutorial this games is starting to come off the original Legend of Zelda game where after a backstory introduction you are plopped in the middle of the woods and explore, trying to locate the triforce peices. Which I'm loving by the way. Even better this game reminds me of morrowind. Almost same set up.

Thanks for all the tips, I just want to get all my questions out of the way so when I log in, I can remain in character and not ask out of character questions.

Re: newbie intro and questiions

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 11:42
by Kitriana
You can always come here and ask OOC questions should you need to.

And Welcome...:)

Re: newbie intro and questiions

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 12:39
by Aerylina-leafschade
Ya Kat which what I'm doing :-) pretty impressed his mature and helpful this community is, I mostly play mmo and 9 times out of 10 people look down on you for being a newbie. Pretty much expecting you to Google everything to not waste their time.

Which is silly as Google like other search engines do require some precision on what you want, so if you have no idea what to look for, you wind up with weird stuff.

Like look up say world of war craft lore you may end up with fan fiction or x rated vids.

Then you have to sift through what is up to date as ppl quit and don't update sites.

Also some more questions what are some good triggers and aliases I should make to ease my time.

I play on a tablet and use then virtual keyboard, so any help to ease long typing would be helpful.

Re: newbie intro and questiions

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 13:18
by Kitriana
Some things to consider aliasing -- but certainly not limited to:
/w : whisper
a : assist
coins : get coins from corpse
ga : get all from corpse
gg : get gem from corpse
ha : health all
herb : search here for herbs
me : introduce myself
slp : cut scalp from corpse

Re: newbie intro and questiions

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 13:42
by Aerylina-leafschade
Ok thanks for the tips cat I'll see about adding those

Ok how do I program /w to work because I tried making a /w for whisper /s for say /rs for rsay and /as for asay and none seem to work I get error messaged about requiring text even though I did

/s hi I would get a "what?" or act like I didn't type anything.

Also are quest spoilers over ntell ok ?? I was working on my tutorial doing a review (great job who ever did this I felt in character while learning out of character functions) and I noticed in ntell someone ask where the baron was. He/she got no reply and like two min after asked in caps lock "WHERE IS THE BARON" I was in character while reading it had pictured a sort of speaker on my pin go off with someone shouting that. It startled me out of character. (it was comical I almost drop my tablet)

anyway people started to reply his question but vaguely at first but he kept asking for more. I again was on the review from the library and couldn't take off my newbie pin. But wanted to ask if that was allowed, or if that person behavior should be discouraged.

If in was able to I was going on ask "why not figure it out"

I guess that is just me, prefer and miss nes snes games that made you think before strategy guides were popular.

Anyway for a too long didn't read summary

1) is giving spoilers to quests allowed in ntell?

2) is that players behavior discouraged? Or do people shrug it off?

3) loving the tutorial. Who ever made it did a great job in my opinion. Hand hold enough to teach, but not spoon freed you everything with encouragement of exploration, trial a d error, and experimentation.

Re: newbie intro and questiions

Posted: 11 Feb 2016 23:19
by Aerylina-leafschade
Sorry to post again

When should I look into buying weapons and armor, I'm close to killing stuff in the tutorial and unsure if I should buy weapons and or armor

Re: newbie intro and questiions

Posted: 12 Feb 2016 02:39
by Kitriana
1) Buying Weapons and Armour in Tutorial

- I doubt you'll need to buy weapons in armour in Tutorial.. usually people leave something lying around that you could take. Unless everyone is so gung ho these days about selling all the equipment. You can likely fight the bunnies using unarmed combat. And it is probably a good idea to train that up first.

2) Issues with Aliases ---

- I'm not sure why you're having a problem. I'd have to see the exact setup. You basically creating the alias to replace something else.. so .. for example. I use /w to alias for whisper .. so when I want to whisper something to someone .. I don't have to type out the word whisper. (obviously i'm choosing to use /w as just writing w would mess with west command) .. you could choose a different abbreviation if you so choose.

So here is what i'm trying to do..

whisper <npc or player name> I'd like to offer you some of my herbs.

What it would look like with the Alias:

> /w anglentis I want to give you some of my herbs

You whisper to Anglentis: I want to give you some of my herbs

Does that help at all?

I'm not sure what rsay and asay are...

you should be able to do /s say... not sure what that's not working. I use ' as my alias for say.
Perhaps its a spacing issue?

3) Ntell line etiquiette -
So... The ntell line is a non-immersive tool the wizards put in so that people new to the game would have an easy place to ask questions and get help with things that they find confusing. It is a non RP environment.

You will find quest spoilers on the ntell line -- as people do ask and give hints there. The person's behavior was likely totally within the tolerance of acceptable.

If you want to stay in character .. and not getting overloaded with spoilers -- I would suggest removing your pin and just ask your questions here. Or find someone in the game who you can contact outside of the game to answer questions that you may have in an immediate kind of way -- so you're not having the experience effected by unwanted information since you want to figure it out on your own.

Re: newbie intro and questiions

Posted: 12 Feb 2016 04:36
by Aerylina-leafschade
Ok this was how I set it up



1 whisper



1 rsay

I'd type /rs hello i'd get

Say what in rsay?

Rsay is talking in race's tongue
asay is when you speak in a given adverb like
Asay meek hello

You get meekly says hello

Oh and to clarify something

The behavior I was referring to was demand reply as in the person not getting the reply asap and going straight to saying


To me that seems to be rude. And curious what the opinion is about that, and if that is looked down on or shrugged off.