ME Hunthor Horn quest

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ME Hunthor Horn quest

Post by Drazson » 07 Mar 2016 11:32

I just can't find a short human related to the quest. I have been pointed out in various ways that I should find him so he can tell me what to do to proceed and no idea what to do. Tried to search for him in the quest area cause he may have started to move around but nah, I didn't find him again. Could he have gotten killed and something going wrong with the spawns, am I just way too unlucky and he gets killed right after each respawn (i have been trying for 4-5 days now, more than once per day) or is it something else I am missing?

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Re: ME Hunthor Horn quest

Post by Kvator » 07 Mar 2016 14:07

he just like to wander around

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