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Cadet Guild Info 
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Lots of questions come up about the cadets.... so here is an easy post to point people to when they ask. Feel free to post any other common questions with answers you think should be added. (Or corrections if I've made some kind of error).

Why join the Cadets?
This is a great beginner guild that help introduce you to Genesis and its melee. It only taxes you as a laymen guild would, but you get a special that is only normally available in an occupational guild. Donk is Da'Bomb. To join you use <csign> command at Xorfin.

What are the benefits?
The guild tax on your xp is very low.
It is free to leave.
You will have the ability to train all weapon skills.
The Donk special attack is very good.
Anyone can donate to the guild racks.

How do you specialize and why?
Yo will be able to train the weapon skill of your choice as primary to a higher level than other weapon skills. IE: Axe Cadet, Sword Cadet, etc.
At Xorfin, in order to set your primary weapon use the <choose> command.

How do the cadet racks work?
In order to take from the racks, you need to donate to them.
Each item donated will help you accrue a certain amount of points based on the item's value.
All this can be read about at the Cadet's Rack Sign in the guildhouse.
Rack points will prevent too much rack looting happening in the guild.
A graduate can continue to donate at the racks.
Anyone else, can donate items with Xorfin with the <donate> command.

How do you graduate?
When you get to Learned Cadet title, you have enough rack points and guild xp, you will be able to graduate with the <graduate> command.
Or You can just choose to leave the guild without graduating with the <cleave> command. But you won't get a graduation ring.

Are there limits as to how big or how old you can be in the guild?
You can be as old as you want to stay in the cadets. But if you move past the mortal size of Veteran, you will be forced to leave/graduate from the Cadets.

What to do after you leave or graduate?
You should be exploring the realms and meeting new people while you are a cadet. Start to think about what occupational guild you'd like to join in your future, as the Cadets are only meant as a “stepping stone”. If you have not already figured out which Occupational Guild to join before leaving or graduating, you might want to join a guild like the Mercenaries, which is free to join, in order so your skills won't decay when you do graduate or leave.

What happens to your skills when you leave or graduate?
The skills you learned in the cadets will decay over time when you leave or graduate, unless you join another guild with the same skills taught.

What happens if you later attack Gelan as a graduate?
You lose your graduation ring.

If something I wrote sounds confusing ... assume you misunderstood it.

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05 Jun 2017 17:30
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Nice guide.

This bit maybe a little miss leading.

What happens to your skills when you leave or graduate?
The skills you learned in the cadets will decay over time when you leave or graduate.

( unless you join another guild that has the same skills, ie a sword cadet joining a guild with sword skills. )

Have a little tidbit to add.

What happens if you later attack Gelan as a graduate.

The wimps steal your graduation ring.

Join up and help each other with Quests :)

05 Jun 2017 18:46
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Can you also list the emotes available and what they do? I am currently a cadet and can't execute them.

My opinion here and the opinion of my in-game character are separate entities

30 Sep 2018 00:14
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