...With the lootsacks from Palanthas

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...With the lootsacks from Palanthas

Post by Sibbedidenn » 23 Sep 2017 11:27

I have two problems with the Lootsack sold at Daronius' leather shop in Palanthas. Any help would be much appreciated!

First, there is supposedly a <sackdump> function to these sacks, either the correct syntax has eluded me or it is not there. I have played with it for a while now and no luck. Would anyone know the correct syntax for the sackdump function on the lootsacks?

Secondly (and this is where I may need help by some admin), there is a seal that on being examined says you may <help daronius2> for more information on the lootsack. The command does not get a response from the system. So again, I am perplexed at how to get at this syntax.

Thank you, guys.

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Re: ...With the lootsacks from Palanthas

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 25 Sep 2017 18:52

Had the same problem.

It is still cool that you could fill the sack directly.
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