what quests can deny you full xp?

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Re: what quests can deny you full xp?

Post by Cherek » 16 Jan 2018 12:05

Drazson wrote:
Cherek wrote:Uhm... I know you lose mana, but XP? What makes you say that? You're mean that your progress counter actually went backwards when failing the quest?
I might awfully wrong but I remember seeing "you feel less experienced". Maybe it was a youngster's panick and I should just retry it by now. I mentioned here in case there was such a notion, if not I will try to complete it again soon and report here :)
I think you can safely try again. You get mentally exhausted when failing, that's it. There's nothing in the game that makes you lose quest XP. And the only thing that makes you lose XP at all is dying as far as I know.

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