JavaScript: Sending multiple commands at once

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JavaScript: Sending multiple commands at once

Post by Kwevin » 06 Oct 2018 16:46

So I'm trying to make an herbing script for the web client, and I need it to send multiple commands at the same time. Right now my code looks something like this:

if ( == "6fTEU.") {
gwc.connection.send("search here for herbs");

In Mudlet, all I'd have to do is use "sendAll". Is there any way I can condense potentially hundreds of commands into one line of JS?
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Re: JavaScript: Sending multiple commands at once

Post by cotillion » 06 Oct 2018 23:50


[ 'n', 'e', 'w' ].map((word) => gwc.connection.send)

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Re: JavaScript: Sending multiple commands at once

Post by Shanoga » 08 Oct 2018 18:12

Another way would be something like this...

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if ( == "6fTEU.") {
  actions = ['n', 'n', 'search here for herbs'];

actions.forEach(function(action) {
What you do here is you create an array with each of the commands you would like to send, then you use a forEach function on that array to execute the gwc.connection.send function on each element of that array. If you have multiple room IDs you want to check, then have a long series of if--elseif--else conditions and use the last few lines at the end of the script.

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