Bank fees

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Bank fees

Post by Zar » 13 Dec 2018 20:33


Where can I get information about how bank fees are calculated?
I mean:
Fees due : 8 platinum, 9 gold, 7 silver and 5 copper coins.


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Re: Bank fees

Post by Krimau » 05 Jan 2019 00:08

When in the bank, if you read the "fine print" on the sign, you will get a lot of useful bank-related information. I believe items #4 and #5 answer your question about the fees and how they are calculated.

Code: Select all

    GnoMeS oF GenESiS - TeRMs AnD COndITiOns
 1. To oPeN aN aCCouNT you SiMPly DePoSiT MoNey. ThIS bRaNcH IS NoT
    CeRTiFiEd TO haNDlE GeMs.
 2. you May WiTHDWaW youR MoNey aT aNy BRaNCH oF THe GoG. SiNCe GemS ArE
    UniQUe, ThEy cAN onLY bE ReTriEVeD aT ThE BRaNcH THeY WeRe DepOSItEd.
 3. oNLy oFFiCiaL CoPPeR, SiLVeR, GoLD and PLaTiNuM CoiNS aRe aCCePTeD.
 4. THe Fee FoR SaFeKeePiNG oF MoNEy iS ONe PeR cEnT PeR AnNuM OvER tHe
    VaLUe Of ThE aCCouNT.
 5. FeeS aRe DeDuCTeD FRoM THe aCCouNT aT eVeRy WiTHDRaWaL aND
    ReCaLCuLaTeD aT eVeRy DePoSiT.
 6. you May MaKe SeVeRaL TRaNSaCTioNS WiTHiN a FeW MiNuTeS aND JuST Pay
    oNe Fee.
 7. THe CLeRK WiLL TeLL you HoW MuCH MoNey you HaVe DePoSiTeD FoR FRee.
 8. aCCouNTS aRe PeRSoNaL aND THe CLeRK May oNLy TuRN MoNey oVeR To
    PeoPLe He CaN See aND ReCoGNiZe. iNViSiBLe PeoPLe aND PeoPLe in
    DiSGuiSe May HaVe PRoBLeMS WiTH WiTHDRaWaLS.
 9. iF THe aCCouNT HaS NoT BeeN TouCHeD FoR 90 DayS, THe oWNeR iS
    oF THe GoG.
10. THe GoG aRe NoT ReSPoNSiBLe FoR LoSS oF FuNDS Due To eaRTHQuaKeS,
    RoBBeRy, PoWeRFuL MeNaCiNG MaGiCiaNS, THe MaNaGeRS MoTHeR iN LaW oR
    aNy oTHeR FoRM oF FoRCe MaJeuRe.

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