Port MacDunn Tour Quest Bug?

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Port MacDunn Tour Quest Bug?

Post by Madelf52 » 10 Apr 2019 02:03

I've been trying to complete the tour quest in Port MacDunn but keep getting told I've missed someone when I know I've introduced myself to all the people on the list. The weird thing is all the people I introduced myself to BEFORE getting the quest will no longer say their names to me - they just tell me they remember me from earlier and only their description is given. The couple of people I've introduced myself to AFTER getting the quest will give me their name every time I reintroduce myself. Is this a bug? And is this the reason I keep getting told I've missed someone? I KNOW I've actually talked to everyone because I've asked them all questions using their names and they've all answered when using the correct name. Any help would be much appreciated!!!!

Thanks in advance.

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