First steps in the real world

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First steps in the real world

Post by Zhar » 11 Sep 2019 12:30

This guide is about your first steps in the real world, when you leave the safe haven of Tutori Isle.

I've seen many newbies that struggle greatly after the tutorial and some of the advice on the newbie line not really being helpful so I've decided to write this guide.

1. The goals

I guess that most people set their goals a bit too high in the beginning (or are advised to do so). I know that everyone wants to be this extremely powerful warrior or sorcerer that swipes all enemies with ease. What you need to realize is that it's a long ways off and it's quite likely you'll change your mind about your future along the way several times.

This guide is focused on setting some nice short-term goals for your character, to bring him or her to a point where you can comfortably quest and explore the realms.

So, our priorities will be thus:
1. Finished all of Carlsan's tasks (those include Karkadelt, Nikolon and Menerial)
2. Maxed out all skills available in Adventurer's Guilds in Sparkle, Dwarfheim, Green Oaks and Calia

This will give you a solid foundation for further growth. You never know what skills you'll need for a quest or just simple traveling (people who tried taking newbies to forests in Terel know what I mean).

2. The struggle is real

Your biggest struggles in the beginning, apart from not really knowing what to do will be earning money and finding gear.
Let's address them all now:
What to do? See first point of this guide.
How to earn money? In the beginning the best way of earning money will be just killing orcs in the fortress (remember to bring a pack!) and selling their gear in the shop in Sparkle. Alternative to that is herbing, you can do so in Calian moorlands, Shire and any other forested area you might find.
What about gear? You shouldn't really focus on that. At smaller sizes it doesn't matter that much, just use any weapon that you're skilled with or just fight unarmed. It is also advisable not to wear armor, since this will make you encumbered and get you tired really fast (and you won't be fighting anything very dangerous for a while).

3. Mid-term goals and guild choices

While doing Carlsan's tasks you should stumble upon Xania and Xorfin. It is highly advisable that you join one of their guilds (Academy of Elemental arts for those magically inclined and Cadets School for the warrior types). Your next goal will be to max your skills there and graduate from the school.

It's also completely fine to join a racial and/or a craft guild and progress there.

Why NOT join Mercenaries, Gladiators, Wizards of High Sorcery or other popular guilds like that in the beginning: Those guilds require serious time and monetary investments before you'll be able to utilize their potential. In the beginning you simply won't have the stats, money and enough game knowledge for those guilds to do you any good. It's very easy to transition to them from the Academy or Cadets, when you already have some skill, knowledge and size.

So, your mid-term goals will be to max out in your racial, craft and school of choice guilds. While doing so you'll also be solving quests and venturing outside Sparkle and Calia.

After you've maxed your skills in those guilds you should start saving up for the inevitable switch to a proper occupational guild. For that you should save at least 500 platinum coins to get you started there (1000-2000 is preferable to get all the skills right off the gate).

1. Kill orcs in fortress until you've maxed all the skills in Dwarfheim, Sparkle and Green Oaks
2. Do all of the Carlsan's tasks
3. While doing the above join Cadets or Academy in Calia
4. Max skills in school and racial guild if any (refer to the grinding thread)
5. Save up 500-2000 platinum before joining OCC guild of choice

Ideally when you've followed this guide you should be around adept/great adventurer level with solid foundation for further growth. What you build on this foundation is up to you.

If anyone has any comments or ideas for improving this guide feel free to do so in this thread. If we can get this guide polished enough I think we should maybe put it in the game somehow (like a pamphlet or something).
Time is precious. Waste it wisely.

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