Herbalism 101

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Herbalism 101

Post by Zhar » 13 Sep 2019 02:15

Another guide for the newbies. Since many of them don't know about herbalism and how it can aid them in the beginning of their career.

Basically, herbing is one of the best ways to earn money in Genesis. It doesn't require violence so you can do it even if you're very small. This guide is here to ease you into the wonderful world of plantlife.

1. Why herb?

Like already mentioned, gathering herbs can bring you fortune. It also grants a bit of experience so it's not one-dimensional either. It's a nice and safe way to earn some extra cash when you're growing up. It'll also give you a chance to explore more of the realms, which is always a good thing.

Also, learning about herbs can be crucial for your career.

Can't finish a quest because one of your skills is too low? There's a herb for that!
Can't lift this huge rock? There's a herb for that!
Want to see in the dark? There's a herb for that!
Got poisoned? Eat some herbs!
Low on health or mana? Herbs!
Got tired? You know the drill...

2. Required skills

Here's the list of most useful skills when looking for herbs:
herbalism: obviously, this is your primary skill for finding and identifying herbs
awareness: it's good to be aware if you're looking for something that is hidden
location sense: so you don't get lost in the woods
tracking: so you don't get lost in the woods
trading: so you can increase your profit margins

You don't need to max out on those skills to begin gathering herbs. Even a little will suffice to get you going and then you can spend money you gained gathering herbs to further improve those skills for a snowball effect.

3. Required equipment

You need just 2 things:
herb pouch: to store your herbs, otherwise they'll dry up and wither away, you can buy one in Green Oaks leather shop, in the fishing village in Calia or find one on the ground in Shire. Other herb containers include jars and qarrabbas, but a classic pouch will do just fine.
gloves: first thing you learn to avoid when looking for herbs is a rash from poison ivy. You can purchase gloves in the same place that you purchase pouches and packs.

4. Gathering herbs

OK, so you got some skills, got your pouch and gloves and are all ready to go. What now?

The basic command to gather herbs is <search here for herbs>. The outcome of this command can be threefold:
1. You found a herb! Congrats, you've just found an area with herbs in it put it in the pouch and repeat until you get any other outcome (most of the time you won't be able to find more than 2 herbs in a room).

Code: Select all

> search here for herbs
You start to search.
You find an orange berry!
2. You search everywhere but find no herbs. This means that there are herbs in this area but they've been picked out or your skill is too low.

Code: Select all

> search here for herbs
You start to search.
You search everywhere, but find no herbs.
3. You didn't find anything. This means that there are no herbs in the area and you don't want to bother with this place again.

Code: Select all

> search here for herbs
You start to search.
Your search reveals nothing special.
Herbs regrow slowly after being picked out so it's best to have 2-3 areas in different parts of the world to sift through and alternate between them. Prime spots for searching will be all forests, meadows, gardens, swamps and other places where there's green. You can also alternate between killing and herbing (waiting for those orcs to respawn? Why not earn some extra on the side by herbing?).

5. Identifying herbs

If your skill in herbalism is high enough you'll be able to identify the herb. This will tell you it's name and properties (you can also find out herb's properties by trying to rub it, smear it, chew it, eat it or inhale it, it's your funeral).
Once you know a herb by name this means that you can find it by name. You can do <search here for herbname> instead of a more general and broad search for just "herbs" which yields random results. This targeted search is useful for obtaining higher quantities of specified herb.

Example of identifying herbs:

Code: Select all

You get an orange berry from your leather pouch containing herbs (open).
> exa berry
This is a tiny berry that is bright orange in color. It is known as lore.
It is a very rare herb, only found in forests and jungles.
When eaten, it is said to give you more knowledge, thus the name lore.

Code: Select all

You get a coral-like grey lichen from your leather pouch containing herbs (open).
> exa lichen
This lichen is called cladina. It is found in hemi-spherical clusters that
look much like coral. This species of cladina is grey, but there exists a
yellow one as well. This lichen covers the forest floor of jack pine and
spruce forests in the temperate zone. It is edible, and provides a boost in
one's health.

Code: Select all

You get a black green-spotted mushroom from your leather pouch containing herbs (open).
> exa mushroom
This is a small looking mushroom. It has a short, stubby stem, but a large and pointed head.
It is black, except for its head which has many green spots.
You recognize this as one of the most lethal herbs known. 
It is nightshade, poisonous in the extreme.
Once your skill is high enough to identify herbs you can also refer to them by name eg. <eat cladina> so you don't accidentally eat poisonous ones.

6. Selling herbs

You can sell herbs at herbalists. There's one in Green Oaks, Shire and Calia (there are others but I'm just listing ones close to Sparkle and general newbie go-to places). Most weeds and poisonous herbs won't fetch much of a price, but soon enough you'll learn to recognize those worthy of gathering and selling. Even with low herbalism skill you can easily find a bunch of herbs that will sell for a few gold coins each. You'd be surprised how much money there is in plants.
Time is precious. Waste it wisely.

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