Death - Frustrating or not? Why?

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Re: Complaints about Block

Post by petros » 18 Mar 2010 03:36

Mersereau wrote:It was stated in another thread this will not be implemented with block. While it's a very good idea, it makes very little sense to implement a new death system without a new death recovery system. It was stated it took 3 years to re-implement block. That means roughly we may have to wait until 2013 for this.
First, it wasn't three years. Heck, I don't think Ogre guild was open 3 years ago, or had just opened. Second, there's a big difference between the creation of block vs timed recovery. Global block could not be reintroduced into the game until a number of things came together. Block actually only took two weeks to code up. Testing block and fixing everything else related to it took up the rest of the time. On the other hand, because the entire Admin is fully committed to this, there is nothing preventing us from implementing timed recovery except for the actual time to code it up.

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Re: Death - Frustrating or not? Why?

Post by Amberlee » 18 Mar 2010 04:50

Deaths are supposed to hurt a bit in genesis.
You either risk it for great reward or you evade it by stop playing.

As for the recovery system i think it is quite nice.
Doesnt hurt as much as before but still sets you back quite a bit.
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Re: Death - Frustrating or not? Why?

Post by Trutblemma » 18 Mar 2010 12:49

I don't think death in it self is frustrating. If I make a concious
decision, take a chance, knowing this might lead to another encounter
with Lars. Doing a dangerous quest, trying to kill that weee bit too
strong NPC or taking a chance with a large group of NPC's. Or, if
someone comes up with a good rp-reason to fight me. In those cases,
I know I might die, but I am in control of the situation.

But, being attacked and maybe killed by the puke-smelling
ThisGameIsOnlyHereForMeToEnjoy-maniac that just happened to enter
the room I'm in and decided to attack, no intro, not a word said,
just attacking.....That is extremly frustrating and annoying. It really
pisses me off.

It has happened to me around 15 times over the 3,5 years I've played.
And every time I get just as upset, it's not the deaths (2) that
upsets me, though. It's the abuse.

I like the monk way, if you are to attack someone, you have to
state your name and guild, warn your foe that you are about to
attack. I think that, at least, should be a global rule.

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your own ass, stay out of mine!!
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Re: Death - Frustrating or not? Why?

Post by Sharn » 18 Mar 2010 13:34

petros wrote:[...]
Death should be meaningful, because it's what makes Genesis distinctive,[...]
I have to disagree. I would prefer genesis to be distinctive because of roleplay, detailed, rich game world, etc. then being a pain.
Which I think it is :) and that is the reason I am playing genesis - not because of meaningful death.

I do not see any point why should death be such a pain.
You have to consider that death can be result of matters besides player control: lost of connection, phone ringing, kids crying etc.
Now, you are giving players a tool to make death much more frequent.

I do not mind dying in MMOs - in fact I sometimes die 5 times in 15 minutes on pvp battleground.
I do not want to loose a month of gameplay because my kid woke up crying.

And what if I die more often then once a month?

Sure I can roleplay and do some other activity, like forging, herbing, exploring.
The thing is that I would like to do other activity when I want to do so, not when I am forced to it, because I died.
Also, when you loose experience you have the feeling of loss - that is the human nature. You want it back!
After I die I do not want to roleplay. I want to get back what I perceive is mine.

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Re: Death - Frustrating or not? Why?

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 19 Mar 2010 12:39

The Death penalty has been evolving for the better over the past years.
This has been most welcome.

It is great to be able to recover in a time frame of weeks, instead of months.

There is still the issue that people could intentionally die to quickly boost guild exp, I brought it up immediately after the introduction but it was never addressed. But if recovering from a death didn't contribute guild exp then more people might get annoyed and quit so I can live with that.

I still think the penalty could benefit from being further developed and here is why.
Because of the brute system.

The ideal situation would be that 2 players of same average size would be hit equally hard and killing the same foes would recover at the same rate.

There could be (and most certainly are) players in the game with the same mortal level who got to that size in very different ways.
One player with a relatively high brute compared to the other. (Because of the difference in the number of quests done.)
The player with the higher brute will likely have taken longer to get to that size.

If they both die they loose what 25% or is it 20% of combat exp.

So the player with the higher brute falls further in average size, because more of their size is based on combat exp.
Both have their brute reduced, the one with the lower brute benefiting more because it is lower overall.

When grinding back one has a lot further to go to recover and is doing it at a higher brute!
So the relative brute before death is the most significant differentiating factor in time for recovery.

So we are currently extremely far away from having a death penalty that universally effects players of the same size equally.
I for one find it extremely frustrating that high brute hurts people on the way up, hurts them on the way down and hurts them in the time to get back.

Would it not be better to have a chat with death and ask that he could improve this system.
For example take away kill experience to give a % drop in stat average size?
So that could be more for one person and less for another due to differing brutes.
And that the recovery brute be the same for all.

I really like the sliding scale recovery brute that was introduced. It gives good early progress and slows towards the end.
That was V nice game design, good job!

A sliding scale would still be welcome.
Just the point that both are on the same scale regardless of differences in brute before death.

Anyone else feel similar frustrations?
Join up and help each other with Quests :)

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