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Guild Tax

Posted: 23 Apr 2010 21:42
by Knuffel
I remember from the olden days guild tax was something that was discussed pretty often, and some guilds you shouldn't join at a too early stage due to their so called high tax.

Is this still the case ?
And if yes, is there an easy way to find this information in game on how much tax each guild takes ?

Just really curious.

Re: Guild Tax

Posted: 24 Apr 2010 01:24
by Tarax the Terrible
You just need a really long memory.
No way to find out now, but meditating used to tell you the tax for each of your guild slots.
Used to mention the guild tax for SU on the Avenir website etc.
Doubt many have changed that much.

it was around 1-2% for a race. Summonable messengers herbalism etc made the difference.
About 10% for a basic occupational, 20-25% for the more wicked ones and up to 40% ish for super elite style.

Re: Guild Tax

Posted: 25 Apr 2010 19:07
by Rhynox
All tax information has been removed from the game so that people join guilds for what they offer and not what they cost. I got some numbers from old, but they are obsolete by now since there has been lots of modifications. I remember that when I started Genesis the Worshippers tax was higher than the Clan tax (22% vs 15%), the old angmarin guild had 17% tax (10% for layman members), that the mages was said to be at around 45%, that the knights had the highest tax from all warrior guilds (while the gladiators was at around 22% I think), the smiths was between 6 and 12%... These values are by now historical, though.