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Re: <stats>

Post by Budwise » 27 Sep 2020 16:09

And stop necroposting, Q. :-)

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Re: <stats>

Post by Cherek » 28 Sep 2020 11:19

Quantum wrote:
26 Sep 2020 09:14

The single player version sounds interesting. And for some of us that might even be preferable to having to deal with other people trying impose their views on us, telling people how to play the game. Not a bad idea.

Also, add more mortal and stat levels. Yes some people look down on "grinders", but it's really what this game is about. If you want RP, PVP etc, there are games that offer up that in far more abundance.

Brother Quantum
I am not entirely sure what mortal-only Cherek from 9 years ago meant about the "single player game", but knowing myself I have a feeling he was sarcastic :) And stop scaring me by resurrecting decade-old threads... I am on vacation and had to login to see if there had been a change to the stat-command while I was away! :)*goes back to vacation*

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