The unknown board of Drakmere

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The unknown board of Drakmere

Post by Wolverine » 08 Sep 2021 16:22

Hail Melkor,

Found a board, east of the Inn in the City of Drakmere.

51 notes only, even with the first note written by Lord Drakmere
in April 1996 when Raumdor opened up.

exa board
It is a bulletin board.
Usage: note <headline>, remove [note] <number>, list [notes] <range>
read/mread [note] <number>, read/mread previous/current/next [note]
The bulletin board contains 54 notes :

1: Welcome Travellers! ( 8) Lord Drakmere Apr. 96

If you are an oldie like me with 25-30 years of Genesis Life, go visit.

It got some nice old names that not even I remember.


Wolverine, Lt of Army of Angmar

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