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Re: Discussion on Botting (Split from Just Curious thread)

Post by Makfly » 24 Jul 2010 22:50

Cherek wrote:I think the wizards, mostly Gorboth I guess, simply need to make up his mind and decide what type of game we are going to have. I feel the current admin tries very hard to make the game fun for all types of players. While this is a good intention, I dont think it's gonna work. Gotta chose a path at some point.

A stap cap has pro's and con's.

Me, I think the game needs to change from a game where mindless botting and grinding is the theme, to a game where interaction, roleplay and conflict is the main theme.

So if I was in charge I'd cap stats and titles around champion (todays champion), but still reward grinding with something else much less important, but still useful to the myths. Like abilitity to train skills above sup guru. Perhaps one sublevel or so... or something. To make grinding still useful for those who wish, but far from needed. I'd then focus ALL efforts on bringing in new players and not code one more single thing before we have 100 players in average.

Yes, people would leave. Thats too bad, but I dont think it would be the end for the game. We're gonna need the truly new players. If some oldies leave it doesnt matter that much, eventually they'll leave anyway and without new players the game WILL die. Without the old ones the game will just die a little bit faster and I'd take that risk.

A cap would most likely remove the need to bot for the most part, and it would even the playingfield, and it would most likely get players to focus more on RP/pvp and interaction instead of grinding.
I have disagreed with you in many things regarding this game over time, but in this case, I can only wholeheartedly agree with you on everything in your post.

This community is so small, and still we are so good at playing up our disagreements, but there is one thing all of us cannot disagree upon - the game NEEDS more players.

Though waiting for a 100 players average is unrealistic I think, I looked through the MudConnector site and some other MUD sites to find out how other MUDs are doing, and honestly, I think we should be happy if we can get the game up to 50-60 players average. No need to not aim for a 100 ofcourse, just saying that we might have to be realistic in our expectations.

So, I really, really wish the community of this game could put it's differences aside and all pull in the same direction, to double the playerbase in whatever way we can:
  • *Donation-drive
    *Telnet client integration with Facebook
    *Massive advertising campaign
    *Contact as many former players as we can, to try and pull them back in
    *Recommend the game in all the other networks we might be part of
    *Plus whatever else we can come up with
I too hope to hear some words from Gorboth et al after vacation season is over, on what the goals for the future are, and what kind of game he envisions Genesis to become.
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