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Webpage intro

Post by fulgrim » 08 Sep 2010 22:30

Genesis is the original LPMud, though little remains of the stuff from the early days. The emphasis of the mud is to be a challenging game. Themes includes Tolkien, Dragon Lance and many others. The world is strictly medieval fantasy based.

There are many features that sets it apart from most other muds. One of the most enjoyable aspects is the interesting and ever-changing interaction between different guilds. Relations range from alliance to uneasy truce with the occasional outbreak of war.

Another special feature are events, that are planned and executed by a special team of wizards from time to time.

Being a newbie you may find yourself in interesting, unusual and sometimes challenging situations. But as you learn the world you find yourself developing an authentic, popular and powerful character. Join us today!
I'm no expert or anything, but aren't the red parts grammatical errors?

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Re: Webpage intro

Post by Booger » 09 Jan 2011 04:18

And the errors are still there.
Is nobody handling the homepage, or do these typos have to be reported somewhere else?
To make it easier, if anyone with editing power is reading this:
"includes" -> "include"
"sets" -> "set"
"feature are events, that are" -> "feature is events, that are" (I assume you just missed a little with the marking).

I still haven't been able to upload my picture on the gallery page, which I can live with, but these here typos are on the front page. And should be easy to fix.

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Re: Webpage intro

Post by Cherek » 09 Jan 2011 13:22

I do not think the webpage really has been updated in a VERY long while. I have been assuming all web work is being focused towards the new webpage. Which is good I think. The old one has several flaws, errors, and no longer valid information so better to start fresh imho!

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Re: Webpage intro

Post by Bromen » 10 Jan 2011 10:09

When the new webpage launches, it should be pretty sexy.


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