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Re: PvP

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 28 May 2011 21:40

Saw all the facebook chat hoping to return in a while if I can get my settings sorted out find old maps etc.
Took me about 20 attempts to remember my username and password for here. :oops:
So Hi alll.. :D

I always liked PvPing but did feel guilty sometimes when I killed someone who didn't get a chance really.
But as we know people can escape quite easily so you often jump on an opportunity 1st and think later.
Like finding an old enemy afk

But that people can escape easily is also something of a myth.
Yes there are a lot of people who are hard to kill, but one mistake can screw them.
And if you are not used to being hunted by someone scrying you like crazy, you don't have a safe room, etc it can be very hard.

I did really enjoy the battles which were well matched and both sides were willing.
You know when the hunter becomes the hunted etc.

And admittedly was very annoyed by the times when even with overwhelming force but still can't get the job done.

The point to all this?
I totally agree with Makfly in concept.

I would just change a little of the details.
Like have NO size or equipment penalty to death provided you can afford it.
When you die get a protective barrier around your corpse like old minstrel special.
Can then choose to resurrect where you fell (and keep fighting) getting back 60% health and mana (expensive) (can only do this once per hour)
Choose to resurrect at sparkle at 5% health and mana (cheaper than 1st but still costly)
Choose to die (free - forced if you can't afford the others)

The currency for this action could be coin or maybe credits built up killing mobs and sacrificing the corpse to the deity

Bounties also seem like a great twist.

Sorry I guess I have been playing too much mainstream easy stuff of late.
But it was good fun.
Join up and help each other with Quests :)


Re: PvP

Post by Laurel » 28 May 2011 22:48

guess who's back, back again, Tarax's back! :D

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