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Re: New Giftgiving Option

Post by Ilrahil » 04 Apr 2011 22:56

Unbottable dungeons aren't that hard to code however the heavy scripting teams would find no issues with them.

An idea to make dungeons unbottable is for them to randomly switch targets or have extra mobs come in, or DPS to whole team like Mergula does.

This makes you have to have a healer or a large team, however with the specials of move behind and rescue, it makes botting still possible in those areas.

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Re: New Giftgiving Option

Post by Booger » 04 Apr 2011 23:38

Ilrahil wrote:Unbottable dungeons aren't that hard to code...
...heavy scripting teams would find no issues with them...
An idea to make dungeons unbottable is for them to...
...however with ..., it makes botting still possible...
So easy to code something unbottable, but heavy scripters can still bot them?
And your suggestion for how to make dungeons unbottable still makes botting possible?
Might not be impossible, but I have yet to see an unbottable dungeon. Especially with an active leader (and just his followers afk and botting).

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Re: New Giftgiving Option

Post by Cherek » 05 Apr 2011 01:13

Yeah Gorboth! (or any other wizard) prove it! :)

I think even I could (almost) code atleast the huge random-boss-quest thing... and if I could do it, any other wizard most likely can do it ten times faster.

The assualt/defence is more likely a bit harder, but not so hard? We have quite a few raids in the game, it would just be a prolonged, and maybe a little more advanced/random raid.

I agree Booger, that if people WANT to bot they will find a way. Even if you do make a hard to bot dungeon like you and Ilrahil have suggested, the botters will either find a way to bot, or simply go somewhere else. Because we cant change all our grinding areas I think...

I think the key is making XP'ing more fun. Who can honestly say they LIKE killing tons of trolls for hours and hours in a quiet team? Its fun to see your stats grow perhaps, but is the task itself _fun_? I mean even an active team can just keep it up for so long. Why? Well, the only thing you really can do while watching your character kill endless hoards of trolls is to talk. (And even that is hard with the spam)- And eventually you run out of things to talk about, even the most social and active teams does eventuelly grow pretty quiet and boring.

Genesis is for most people today something that runs in the background while you do other things. Atleast it is for me and those I usually spend time with. I think it could be more than that.

The number one of goal in Genesis is to grow to the next mortal level, it has always been that, and will most likely always be the core of the game. If we could make that part funnier, I think it would lead to a lot of good things. I think it would lead to a more active population in general, which in turn hopefully would lead to more socializing and in the long run maybe even more conflicts, politics and RP too.

I think one person spending 2 hours in the game having really FUN is worth alot more than the same person spending 12 hours in the game semi-idle/on triggers/scripting/Etc while working/watching a movie/playing another game.

Anyway, I wont "wiz and code it myself". I tried that and it more than anything proved to me I am, just like Booger also said, a player of the game. But hopefully maybe some other wizard will be inspired and do something like this.

If someone is interested to code something like it, I would be happy to write a background story for it. (I like that sort of stuff, just dont like coding...) Just let me know.

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