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Re: Imbuements

Post by Greneth » 11 May 2011 20:05

Makfly wrote:Isn't one of the problems with imbuements, that we're too powerful for them to really matter much?
Atleast in normal grinding sessions. For assassination purposes once in a blue moon, I guess I can see a reason to spend all those stones on a super-awesome-gnome-killer sword or something.

If we were all happy running around with a splendid sword, then the imbuements would be a helluvalot more desireable.
Your all thinking way to linear when it comes to imbuements. Think outside the box a bit. They would be more desirable yes, but I can think of many ways in which different combinations could make absolutely amazing characters. And if you plan it right could be used for up to two weeks. Think of the imbuements as fillers for each characters weakness then imagine the possibilities. To be honest I am a bit excited to see exactly what they can do if someone uses them properly. Like Straag though he's an Ogre and doesn't benefit from alot of the items possible he still has access to a few. Now whats an Ogres weakness? Their chance to hit with a special correct? So what imbuements could he use to fix that... now we have a raw killing machine that doesn't have any of the downsides there normally are for being an Ogre for at least two weeks.

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