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Congrats Cherek! 
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There is a flash of pure magic, and suddenly you realize that Cherek has been
accepted into the ranks of the wizards.


Manglor, Zauhak, Padraig

11 May 2011 21:52
Traitor 8-)

11 May 2011 22:00
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ehh..? he got restored then back to wiz hood or ? :)

well its cool, cherek and I may not see eye to eye on everything, But when we agree, you all know its a good idea.. and if he can put it in to work... Super gut i would say :)

I’m not a complete idiot. Some pieces are missing.

11 May 2011 22:09
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Gz Cherek.

Might and Glory flaming for changing dawn, ancient power revealed of an iron crown, clear and cold and shining so far and bright, crush the world in one clash of your binding light.

Gû kîbum kelkum-ishi, burzum-ishi. Akha - gûm-ishi ashi gurum!

11 May 2011 22:10
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Yes after a long discussion with myself I decided to ask to be a wizard once again. Thanks to Gorboth and the others for letting me have another shot!

So instead of posting ideas here all days I might even try to make some of them happen for real. (No promises though).

It will also mean I will most likely posting less long notes on the forum as well as I will be too busy trying to remember how wizard-stuff work again. :)

11 May 2011 23:22
Guess the "wiz with main" rule is forgotten anyway ...?

11 May 2011 23:25
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Laurel: The wiz with main rule was removed quite some time ago. Check 'help wizapp'.

11 May 2011 23:27
Laurel wrote:
Guess the "wiz with main" rule is forgotten anyway ...?

Removed that rule 5 years ago or so

12 May 2011 00:15
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Death says: "YOU AGAIN?"

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12 May 2011 04:45
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the logically correct answer to my question: no, it's not forgotten

the "it's not in place" information was not an answer to my question (smartassing around) :twisted:

anyway - I just wanted to point at this thing, as I thought it was a reasonable rule; especially since it was (in my eyes) proven by several peoples' actions;

I personally know of more occurences of people who
a. were allowed to keep their (main) mortals (sometimes in council/leader positions in guilds) + wizzed and coded abuses for themselves and their friends

than people who
b. wizzed with their alts AND were honest enough to NOT influence their coding by their mortal-related fun

not saying Cherek will code shit for his own exploits ... not saying anything about him in that topic at all, since I really don't know him

12 May 2011 09:23
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