Evil guilds, more or less folded?

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Re: Evil guilds, more or less folded?

Post by Cherek » 28 Mar 2012 18:33

amberlee wrote:
Tive wrote:A simple experiment might help, just remove the exp penalty for pvp deaths completely for example (for a month?) and see if you have increase in player base. Why there were always tons of people online on wizdays when you did not have to worry about getting killed by others? because it was fun. make the game fun. Unless it's too late for that of course.

but again, the topic gets hijacked even more ;P

No.. No and NO.
That would actually ruin what makes playing Genesis exciting.
What's exciting now when there is basically no PVP and death makes people stop playing, often temporarily, but still? People are too big to even dare pfight since dying set them back many months in grinding time... I dont see what's so exciting about that. :)

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Re: Evil guilds, more or less folded?

Post by Cherek » 28 Mar 2012 18:36

Laurel wrote:you can (imagine that!) make specials AUTOMATIC! haha! and you can even go further and ... make them RANDOM recharge/execute timed!

you can (as opposed to "it's a problem") drastically decrease the forging-attempts required to forge a good quality item, but instead make forging interactive (instead of script-prepared)

you can ... EVERYTHING

you can also find excuses to do nothing

you can
Yup, that would imho be much better than just a rule against any sort of trigger or script.

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Re: Evil guilds, more or less folded?

Post by Targun » 29 Mar 2012 00:39

Cherek. For years, I encouraged, posted detailed schematics, presented detailed ideas even projects on the improvements of combat system. Mailed Gorboth, AoP, discussing reintroduced features like block and why they are completely not matching the game in its current shape.

I have achieved... nothing. Even though majority would usually agree in the topics I created. And there was really nothing extraordinary in these. Pretty much anyone could have written the same, because it was, what is considered 'a common sense'.

Answering your question. Oh yes, they did multiple thigns wrong. Especially, since people who originally created the MUD handled it to former players. Pretty decent wizards were replaced with former players, who, at a certain point, brought the mud I was reffering to to 40-50players online from 300+ in less than 2 years, through some outragous friends boosting actions.

Then some things changed, new wizarda came, who- still not free of ties to their 'mortal' friends- restored and improved certain aspects of the game, which was enough to double the active peak hours population, which is around 80-120. There are some very corrupted sides to the game still. I'm not currently playing any MUD FYI. Though as I mentioned. If one honest person was to run that game, it would have 200+ players online easily. And it really resembles Gnesis in a great lot of ways. Suffice to say, it's even more focused on roleplaying than Gen probably ever was.

Actually automatic- chance on hit specials would be a great thing. They would bring some random effect to the fights. Once- the special will fire 3 times in a row, other time- it will not fire for 10 rounds. It is, in fact, one of the changes introduced like 8 years ago on that polish mud. Special has a chance (around 30%) to replace your standard attack. It was a simple yet great change solving at once so many problems. Such as:
*as it was already tapping one bind and is covered by triggers in Genesis- no piont in keepig it anyway
*pretty much eliminating bouncing- as special became a standard attack (just imagine how much work was put into anti-bounce scripts for certain mobs in Genesis
*both PvE and PvP were enhanced, as you can hardly ever predict what is going to happend and outcome of the fight might be dramatically different depending on a day or single encounter
*plenty of mobs received their own special attacks- not only dmg, but disarming, blinding etc.- even further making simple combat more interesting.
*isntead of spamming one bind with special, number of global combat skills (avialble training lvls depending on occupation) were brought to the game, including-
-fight in formations
-covers (resembling old merc advance or current knight rescque)
-breaking through a defence (a skill that allows to push away people protecting through 'resque' your target and keep focusing him
-block- in a form way more reasonable and interesing than it is on Genesis.
--Obviously all of the listed above skills had shared internal cooldown and were a strain to your fatigue which is one of, if not the most, important factors of you character.

If a certain aspect- be it smithing or herbing- of a game is designed just to be performed by bots, it shold be removed from the game ASAP. Smithing on Genesis serves one purpose only. Earning cash, while your robotic script does the work, when you are AFK. What's the point? Anyone?

Instead a system, when one has to gather rare resources, find extraordinary wood for pole, gather mithril, melt megic weapons to create his artifact of choice could be introduced. This artifact coudl break perhaps, but you could mend it, finding desired, rare and non-robotic ingredients- giving reason to eq hunt. Players love such things.

What we got instead? Instanced newbie area! YAY! Someone seriously ever considered we are going to have that many newbies instances are needed? Why, for gods sake, just not set respawn timers for like 30 seconds or so? How much time/work was wasted for doing instances instead of doing something that would improve actual gameplay. When it was enough for one wizard to spend 10 minutes and swap reset timers for npcs/items. Reasonable HR management? I don't think so.

This is, what I believe, a perfect example of wasting resources in Genesis. I didn't donate money, but honestly it's only due to the fact I do not posess pay pall account. If there is an alternative way provided, I shall do it. I'm not a rich folk, but for all those years Genesis served me, I honestly think I can spare a few coppers.

Still, isntead of hiring some 14-16 years old maniacs, who for 200 bucks would sit day and night, and improe things our wizards don't have time for, we are aiming for some ridiculous campaign. Noone is going to play Genesis, because it currently sucks. And I really mean it. It sucks BIG TIME. There are changes needed, prefereably ASAP.
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Re: Evil guilds, more or less folded?

Post by Cherek » 29 Mar 2012 00:54

Targun: Well... you make a choice and it turns out good or bad. Its easy to say afterwards that it was the wrong decision. The only way is forward...

As for the campaign... well I think we would catch a few new players with our current game. But there has not been a promotion campaign. We have never during the 15 years I have played the game seriously attempted to promote it. Its hard to say if it would or would not work before you attempt it.

I dont know whats best, making fundamental game changes and hope for a new batch of players, or promote the current game heavily and hope for a new batch of players. We can only guess. Me, I've always been for at least attempting a promotion. The game will never be done and everyone have different opinions on why the game "sucks". So we might as well sell what we have imho. And make changes as we go, as always... but we could at least promote continuously too.

Why we arent I dont know, but maybe its because most feel like you, that we have nothing worth selling? I'll keep disagreeing though.:) We have flaws. All games have flaws. We mentioned some in this thread, but people have been able to sell much worse games than Genesis... and we dont even need many players. A couple of handfuls that stays would do alot.

But hey, I am for any positive change. Codewise or promotion-wise.

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Re: Evil guilds, more or less folded?

Post by Uther » 29 Mar 2012 13:54

May 15 will be the doom of Genesis.

Sorry for the negative attitude.
But this is how I see it.

First Gorboth needed a break, yes I welcome that for him. He has worked his ass of for Genesis. He deserved it.
But when he went on a break Genesis kinda lost it, he was the leading person, the board of Genesis kinda went into
slacking mode.

Then Skyrim got released a lot of Genesis players disappeared. Some have returned. I have not returned due to other reasons.
Still it is not back as it was when Gorboth was superactive. I am NOT blaming Gorboth, just to point that out.

Upcoming... Diablo III will be released May 15, and that will pretty much be the doom of Genesis.
A lot of players will disappear and I wonder how many that will return.

The problem is that you cannot compete really with graphic games today.

There are exceptions, just look at batmud and other big muds. How have they kept their playerbase ?
What have they done that we haven't ??
A few months ago when I played, I sat and browsed for other muds, created characters, logged into them,
talked to the few players there. Analyzing if it was possible maybe to merge with other muds.
Some could work, but quite a lot of recode is prolly needed. Tried to look for the same lib and such.

But then I lost the urge to play due to people are allowed to break the rules 2 times, get a warning from the AoP and then break the rules 2
times again 2 days later and not even getting punished or deleted. So I stopped playing.

This promotion thing campaign should have been done ages ago. Around the 97-99 and expanded the mud a lot more. Offered more then
the mud can offer today. Yes I know we even had queue to get online then. So I guess the wizards thought this is good. We roll on!

I cheer for your positive attitude Cherek, nice to see it.

I have like Targun, mailed in several suggestions to Gorboth, got positive responses, that some would be good for Genesis.
But none has been implemented. The lack of Players and Wizards actually wanna create something, I DO understand that
wizards doesn't wanna create something when all they hear is WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE NAG WHINE bla bla bla bla from the players.
How would you like it if someone always fed you with negative responses? You wouldn't feel welcome and lose the urge to actually wanna
do something.

I think the decreased playerbase has infected Genesis so all that is seen is the NEGATIVE things.
It's like news. Negative news are displayed more then positive. And Genesis are suffering from the same.
It has gone to far with some players of Genesis that they are taking it as a personal thing when they get a grudge
in game and then they verbally attacks aka SHITFLINGING/FLAMING/WHATEVER the others cause they have nothing
else to do. If some people put down the same amount of effort in coding/gathering players etc etc as they do in shitflinging or
posting LONG notes, then Genesis would have a lot more players and a much more positive attitude.

I have a ton of ideas. All on file on my computer. Good things that would be good for Genesis. But I am not sure
sure it is any use of sharing due to it will never be implemented.

If there are players that wanna code and play at the same time.
Is it possible to put up a COPY of Genesis? NO access to the current domains. But make a project domain where the players
that wanna code and at the same time can play on the original mud ?

Just some views, thoughts, suggestions..
All comments are made by the player behind Uther, NOT THE CHARACTER UTHER!

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