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Post by Uther » 21 Apr 2012 11:52


Gorboth, what about some player and guildstatistics?

I haven't played the game for some months.

So I have gotten curious how are the statistics for the different guilds going?

Have the Calians gained more members? Kenderguild recruited more ? Knights become active again ? MM's hoarding even more bigger players now ?

The neidars changed thane ?

Have the average numbers of players increased or decreased? And why has it increased/decreased?

How many players are there in the good/evil/neutral guilds that are active?

Just some curiosity. Perhaps the active players and fill in how many that are active in the different type of guilds?

Can someone active make a list of the guilds and number of active players.

MM 9
Calians 34

etc etc
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Re: Statistics?

Post by Draugor » 21 Apr 2012 15:20

So... you want a newsletter?

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