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Re: Pay to Slay?

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 03:11
by Bromen
Just make a pvp death 1/10 of what a normal death gives. Or make a pvp death equipment and item loss only with a hit to guild stat.

I'm almost a myth and I don't have anywhere near 20k to pay for a death. That number is crazy in my eyes.

Re: Pay to Slay?

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 03:31
by Amberlee
Skurrd of loosing size Bromen? :twisted:
Or just skurrd of fighting your own battles? :twisted:

Re: Pay to Slay?

Posted: 14 Feb 2013 07:05
by Althyrian
Zhar wrote:I believe that everything was a bit easier when everyone was smaller and people didn't care about death all that much as you could easily recover in a day or two. There also wasn't such pressure on questing as you didn't need to do so many of them to have reasonable brute at reasonable mortal level.
I think Zhar describes a game that would be much more interactive and dynamic and would be attractive to a much larger base of players.

Although I like Gorboth's idea in principle (I voted yes with some work), what seems to me to be more fundamentally problematic with Genesis is character size. At this point it would be best to start over
1) Nerf the size of everyone
2) Cap character size
3) Keep the environment the same
4) Let everyone who wants to leave because of the changes do so
5) Attract a whole new population of players over the next 10 or 15 years
6) During that time (10 to 15 yrs) restructure the game to encourage
-character interaction
-guild politics
-equipment collecting
-acquiring wealth and power

If this isn't an option, then allowing players to buy their way out of death certainly won't make the game any less fun for anyone, and will probably make it much more fun for at least some people. - Gensher/Greywolf/Althyrian

Re: Pay to Slay?

Posted: 02 Mar 2013 00:12
by Recoba
I think the proposal as defined in the original post is fantastic. It solves so many problems.

I'm also assuming that this magical thingie does not give you guildstat - i.e. you can't use it to get something you didn't have before, it just restores your stats.

Re: Pay to Slay?

Posted: 08 Mar 2013 16:32
by Icarus
gorboth wrote:

Code: Select all

Platinum Cost:   Player Level:
             1   novice
             2   greenhorne
             3   beginner
             5   apprentice
            10   wanderer
            20   adventurer
            50   adept
           100   great adventurer
           200   veteran
           500   expert
         1,000   rising hero
         2,000   hero
         5,000   titan
        10,000   champion
        15,000   legend
        20,000   myth
Yes, it does seem like a good idea, sure, but with the current recovery system in place, most would actually just regrind it faster with a small team, and for some, even myths, 20.000 is a LOT of platinum, whilst for some (Irk, Phantom, Rhynox (who's been forging since Reorx was in diapers it seems) it's not really a problem forking up such amounts.

At Hero, if you're not already rich from looting, 2000 platinum would be grinded up, sure, but in the same time, you'd probably also grind up the experience you lost.

To make such a system work, you would have to remove recovery from the PvP deaths, and if you do, even less PvP would occur, and those going on the prowl to slay would be those who already have wast amounts of money...


Re: Pay to Slay?

Posted: 08 Mar 2013 21:44
by Navarre
Today it is pretty hard to kill anyone; for most people.
People can pretty easily run away and avoid getting killed.

So it takes a lot of effort to finally get someone killed, especially the bigger players.

What makes you go through all the effort to plan for someone to die? You have to dislike someone enough that you want to make him pay for whatever insult he has thrown your way.

You want to hit him where it hurts. You want to make sure that your efforts in finally killing him will make him hurt so he will reconsider insulting you again (or whatever action he did to get you all excited).

So when you finally kill him, if he can just pay himself out of that pain, then why would anyone bother to go after him. All that hard work to get him, for nothing. Now if those 20000 platinum was paid to the guy that killed him, and that guy would have to agree to that payment. Now we are talking.

For what it's worth, that's how I see things as a player.

Re: Pay to Slay?

Posted: 10 Mar 2013 10:27
by Targun

Re: Pay to Slay?

Posted: 10 Mar 2013 13:27
by Ragni
So why not have a ransom system.

Implement the merciful option (see help options) for PvP and then give the winner of the fight the option to finish or spare their opponent. The loser of the fight should have to declare 'My ransom is 20,000 Platinum' for example. The winner of the fight then can decide to take the ransom and spare their enemy or finish them off. We can have a range of nasty descriptions for the various finishing moves. On the other had two enemies might decide beforehand to spare their opponents and just fight for the honour of the victory and the equipment the can loot from their defeated enemy.