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Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 21:46
by Chanele
On topic:

Karpath and Diri: You are awesome and made my time in the Clergy worth every minute.

Hektor: All the lecture sessions with you are an experience, even though they are often onesided :)

Nellnight and Pheobe: I had great fun with you and your strange relationship....

Kiara: Your event with Hektor when you tried to pronounce Psuchae, still laugh at this from time to time. Psuchaaeeeaeae

Just a few examples of stuff that popped into my head, I'll add more later.

Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Posted: 30 Jan 2016 04:24
by Ody
Picture this:

A newbie hears something about the Rangers over ntell. Said newbie gets excited over the thought that Middle Earth exists in the game! Newbie is told by two people to head to Middle Earth for a tour. One is a Ranger and the other is a Mage.

Newbie gets to Middle Earth. Mage gets to the Newbie first. Mage has another mage friend with him. Mage takes newbie to one of the nine. They have a conversation about how the newbie already seems 'promising'. Mage then takes newbie to Palanthas and has him learn all the skills there (financing the endeavor himself). Mage continues to show a vested interest in this newbie continuing to make him feel special and wanted in the realms. Mage eventually has newbie die somehow. Newbie turns on mage and becomes a ranger with a personal hatred for mages.

Love him or hate him. I thank Emraht for Ody's existence at all. So if you have any attachment for Ody go give Emraht a hug. ;)

Thanks Emraht.

Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Posted: 30 Jan 2016 04:57
by Emraht
We are watching your rise, young adventurer, with great interest. You are doing well. Very well.

Keep to the Shadows

Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Posted: 31 Jan 2016 13:18
by gold bezie
Hektor because he let me think he was een npc for the first minute. Avatar, Emrath and Aristos (when he was a mage) for scaring the hell out of me without even a single hit (great enemies). Manowar, discusting stinking creature who seems to have trouble making up his mind if he will 'pirate'kiss me or rip my head of my body to eat it.

But one who is not mentioned yet, Caestus, for always sticking to his character as a gardener and an explorer instead of a fighter.

Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Posted: 07 Mar 2016 02:44
by Taro
Ah yes, Caestus.
Ody, you sir, are an inspiration. You have become the backbone of most of Taro's ideals. You have begun to make Ody 2.0, which is quite scary.
Emmiline, always playing the Sweet one.
I have never seen Ardor break from his evil character.

Just sayin'

Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Posted: 07 Mar 2016 23:09
by Amberlee
Meercat - Just awesome.
Fourtcoer - Most obnoxious of knights.. And really fun RPer
Nitramin - Where are you? :(
Kayen - The best rolemodel for any up and comming knight.
Hektor - Always a splendid roleplayer

Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Posted: 07 Mar 2016 23:26
by Ydred
Meercat yes indeed. Kenderkin at its finest.
Amberlea. SU.
Skatha. Vampire long forgotten.
Garnet. Who couldnt love the notoriously good goblin.
Anahita. Circling.
Rhynox, tons of hours in forges RPing smiths bend on very different agendas.
Gadez,Goldman,Newton,Recoba,Etanukar,Celephias, makes me sad I was a goodie before joining baddies cause I missed many more MM before these.

Fourtcoer and Peldor were always fun. Alban too. Garion. Kayen.

Peridot and Zoirenna. Goshen but I might have him confused with another G named ranger. Iliana.

Monopoly but if I remember right it was harder for him due to he was from china (memory old so could be wrong?)

Maureenanne especially when we were with small ones trying to show them world. She was the main reason I helped hundreds back then.

I know I am leaving off quite a few, but I would have to see my old memory list to remember them.

A very personal one would be Theresa. We had many fine fun times RPing knight and ranger. And somehow even though never intimate in game we would get married in RL and now over 16yrs later still are. Too bad when I went MM I only got to see logs of her RPing with Gadez in contested lands. Luckily I was never ordered to kill her. Ugh.

Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Posted: 07 Mar 2016 23:31
by Mim
My favourite character in Genesis in the RP theme was Chmee.
He and I started roughly at the same time and we became good friends.
He never ran around looking for fights and glory that way.
He was questing and role playing.
He was the first player I saw who actually used the gizmo in Joe's garden as it was intended.

Later on he was one of the first Morgul Mages.
Long missed.

Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Posted: 08 Mar 2016 02:15
by Mersereau
Ydred wrote: Peridot and Zoirenna.
I think I am going to be physically ill.